Au revoir 2015.  You’ve been a blast.  This year was a big one for me getting out of my hermit blogger comfort zone.  I met amazing new people, took on new challenges and have lined up some very cool new writing opportunities for 2016 (how many times can I write ‘new’?!).  Anyway, I couldn’t have done any of it without the love and support I receive from you guys, though, my beautiful readers.  So here is a wrap up of your favourite posts from this year, starting with the best/most awkward story ever.


HAPPY ENDING : The one about getting felt up in Thailand.

OPERATION CLEAR SKIN : The one about getting rid of zits.

MORE IS MORE : The one about the delicious Moreish natural skin care range.

LIQUID ILLUMINATORS : The one about my favourite glow enhancers for dull skin.

BRONZE EYED GIRL : The one about my favourite new eye makeup finds from Australis.

BONDI SANDS : The one about choosing and applying your perfect self tan.

BEAUTY AND THE BUSH : The one about pubes.

ATTENTION SHOPPERS : The one about buying makeup from the supermarket.

DISORDER & DYSFUNCTION : The one about my eating disorder as a teenager.

PARTY PINS 2 : The one about getting your legs out with confidence.


So you see, there’s something in there for everyone.  And whether you’re reading this on New Years Eve because, like me, you have children and therefore no plans, or you’re enjoying a hangover read in between trips to the toilet, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the inspiration to keep on writing.  Happy New Year to you all, my beauties.  I love you the longest time.


LISTEN : CITY CALM DOWN  Rabbit Run (my favourite song of 2015)