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Hey Beauties, if I told you that you could took take 50 bucks to the local shop, buy 5 eco friendly, natural, cruelty free products, that are just as good, if not better, than their super expensive and toxic counterparts, with enough change left over for 8 Paddle Pops (yours to do with as you please), would you wanna kiss me and marry me?  Yes?  Well pucker up and turn on the bain marie, ’cause here are my favourite 5 daily essentials, that tick all those boxes and more.

The things I do everyday are shower, clean my face, wash my hands, condition my hair (every second third, shut up, often), and groom my brows (read about my obsession here).  As much as I love to indulge myself with expensive luxury brands, I love it even more when I find products that offer me the same satisfaction for a whole lot less and also have a social and environmental conscious, valuing principles over profits.  Using these brands on a daily basis, makes me feel like a better consumer and world citizen, even if I am just washing kiddy poo off my hands after an unexpected messy toilet adventure.  These products and brands are ones that I return to time and again, as they’ve proven to be worthy additions to my daily body, face and hair care routine, with four out of the five conveniently available at my local supermarket.

I have reviewed a few of them for you before and I’ll link to my full rundown, but there a couple that haven’t yet featured on the blog.  One of those is the Eco Store Soap.  Some people hate soap, and sure, those multi packs of skin stripping bullshit are simply that, but there are some beautiful bars out there that actually feel lovely to use.  Bar soap also cuts down on plastic and glass waste, as there’s little to no packaging, making it a fabulous eco friendly alternative to body wash.  The trick is to find one that is free of crap ingredients, instead opting for yummy nourishing stuff like, oat bran, wheat germ oil, Manuka honey and seaweed extract – just like you’ll find in the Eco Store Manuka Honey & Kelp Soap.  It’s also absolutely, 100% essential, that any palm oil used in the product is sourced from a sustainable, reputable and certified trader.  In the case of Eco Store, they use Green Palm for all their palm oil requirements.

Eco Store Soap comes in a few options.  I first fell in love with the Coconut one for obvious tropical reasons, then enjoyed a bit of Lemongrass for a fresh kick in the shower and the Goat’s Milk for when I just want to enjoy my favourite flavour, plain – Simpsons fans will get that.  Recently they bought out the Manuka Honey & Kelp which has me all in a yummy, natural flutter.  If you’re into earthy, green and super fresh scents, you’ll love this one.  It’s my favourite at the moment, until I try the Grapefruit & Mint, which might just knock all the others out of my shopping trolley, as it sounds bloody amazebangers.   There’s not a whole lot I can say about soap, but if you’re in the supermarket and you’re trying to make an ethical choice about what you use in the shower, you can feel rest assured that Eco Store has your eco friendly, cruelty free back.

Let’s stay with body washing products, in particular, hands, and although I’ve reviewed this brand and product range before, there is a new fragrance addition to the Thankyou Hand Wash family.  Botanical Lime & Coriander is the new scent, and I’ll be buggered if it isn’t the freshest and zingiest (wow, that’s actually a word, spell check didn’t veto it) hand wash I’ve ever had the pleasure of using 75 billion times a day.  Yes, I’m a parent and I wash my hands a lot, so it makes me super happy to need this mega ethical hand wash in my life.  I can’t love this brand and their products more.  They dominate best practise in business ethics and philanthropy with their community projects around the world.  I have confessed my undying love for them before, here, or alternatively check out their website for a complete run down on what the brand is all about.  You’ll never buy another hand wash brand again.

Right, back in the shower, and while I may not use this daily, this is just the best hair conditioner I have ever used.  Hands down.  No exceptions.  The Best!  I’m talking of course, about the Organic Care Dry Nourish Ultra Hydrating Conditioner.  And no, I don’t just love it for it’s unnecessarily long name, I love it more than any other conditioner I have ever tried, because it completely removes tangles and knots from my hair and makes combing or brushing my wet locks an absolute breeze.  I simply haven’t found another conditioner that compares to this one, whether from a salon or the supermarket, which is where you’ll find this for only $6!!!!  The boss of punctuation needs to invent another symbol to accurately represent my excitement and enthusiasm for this product.  It’s just so good.  Go and read more about it here if you like, while I just lay down for a minute.  Thanks.

It’s OK, I’m still here.  This is a difficult post to write without getting overexcited about my love for these products.  I have after all dubbed them ‘5 of the Best’.  Continuing with the emotional outpouring then, I move onto facial cleansing.  Of course there is a Sukin product in this round up, how could there not be with the prerequisites – best, eco friendly, daily, essentials, under $10?  It just wouldn’t be right to exclude such an awesome and accessible brand, and even though you can’t just chuck their products in your supermarket trolley, you can pick them up just as easily at most pharmacies and Priceline.  It’s hard to pick a favourite Sukin product, but it’s piss easy to declare their Micellar Cleansing Water as my favourite facial cleanser.  Of all the beautiful creams, balms, oils and even some foaming cleansers, Micellar water gives me the freshest and cleanest feeling face.  I have tried a few different brands, some very French and tres expensive, along with some other natural ones, but there’s just something about this Sukin one that has me restocking before I even finish it, just so I know I won’t be without it.  Get a more thorough overview of this beauty here, and just go and buy some, because you and your skin will love it.

Finally, onto the last product, a tool.  I can not be without a brow and lash comb.  I just can’t.  I don’t have to fill in my brows or even have them perfectly shaped, but whatever is growing out of my face just above my eyes, needs to be groomed, always.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a brow and lash comb, but it still needs to be of reasonable quality.  The bristles on some of the really cheap ones can start to splay after a short time, not allowing the best possible brush and tidy up, so you need to invest that little bit extra (one dollar) to get a good one.  My favourite in recent years is this one from Eco Tools.  The bristles are long and firm and don’t feel like they’re going to buckle under the grooming pressure any time soon.  I have a full review of this eco friendly one along with some excellent brow tips from my makeup artist friend, Marnie, here.

So there you have it.  My top five eco friendly daily essentials under $10.  Not just amazing natural products made by wonderfully ethical and conscious brands, but look how bloody gorgeous the packaging is as they sit there together.  Spending less on everyday products doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality or aesthetic appeal.  You can still have a pretty bathroom display, great skin and hair, and more money for Paddle Pops.  That’s just being smart.

Kind Beauty Points : All brands are eco friendly, cruelty free and natural.  Read here for more details on Thankyou’s social initiatives.