It’s great to donate.  I love it.  It makes me feel good to forward my money on to someone who needs it more.  Sometimes I feel a bit guilty though, when I spend it on frivolous crap, knowing that it could be helping someone more deserving. 

Philanthropically minded brands like Thankyou, are helping to satisfy both my needs – getting stuff and making a difference, but I don’t need to buy hand wash that often, so how can I get shit for myself and feel OK about it?  Shopnate, that’s how.

A few weeks ago, Shopnate followed me on Twitter.  Now I’m not being bombarded every second with new fans like freaking Kim Kardashiflaps, so I have the luxury of being able to check out who each of my new followers are, and see whether their jam floats my boat.  Shopnate sounded mighty intriguing to me – Donate to your favourite charity for free without spending a cent more.  Could this be the end of ‘Guilt with Purchase?’.  A few more clicks said “Yep, it is”, and off I sailed…

Here’s their deal…

1. YOU SHOP.  Shop with big name brands on Shopnate without spending a cent more.

2. THEY DONATE.  Retailers pay us a commission and it is given to your chosen charity.

3. EVERYONE SMILES.  The charity now has extra funds to do their good work and you can feel good.

Plus you get stuff too.  You can get nearly everything through them and be able to justify your completely unnecessary purchases.  Clothes, homewares, books, phones, insurance, computers, travel.  Shit, you can even buy your piss through them from Dan Murphy’s, you booze hags!  Get on it!  And of course, there’s beauty.  Like, a shit tonne of it!  From beautiful organics, to subscription boxes, and even my second home (and presumably yours), Priceline!  There is sooo much to go absolutely nuts on, all the while contributing to your choice of 176 registered charities.  Arrrgh!  I feel like this whole post should be in upper case and bold, I’m just that excited.

Settle down, breathe…

Ok, so Adam from Shopnate has a goal to raise $1 million for charities by May 2016.  Pfft, easy.  Once you tell two friends and they tell two friends and they tell two friends, that’ll be…many, many friends, that’ll be many friends shopping and donating, and shopnating and there will be so much smiling and happiness and joy and things and helping and smiling.  Sorry, having another ‘caps lock’ moment. I’ll just settle down and tell you about the shopping bit shall I?

Right, so focusing on all things beauty, we’ve got Priceline for affordable cosmetics from our much loved brands Sukin, Bondi Sands, Moreish, Puretopia, Australis, Face of Australia etc, etc.  Adore Beauty offer up some fabulous cruelty free brands, including Aesop, Antipodes, butter LONDON, and a whole lot more that I’ve just discovered, and are either yet to review or try.  Nourished Life, of course, is your easy go to for toxin free health and beauty – you can’t go wrong with them, it’s all good.  The same goes for The Organic Beauty Shop, who stock a lovely selection of unique natural brands and products.  There are also independent cruelty free, organic and natural beauty brands to buy your makeup and skincare from, who are more than happy to do a charitable deed for you.  What’s not to love?

I love this new enterprise so much, and I’m so impressed with the businesses, both big and small, who are offering up a cut of their income, just so we can feel better about our online spending addictions.  It would be so amazing to see the list of retailers and charities grow, and for Adam to realise his dream for Shopnate sooner than his target date of May 2016.  To do my extra little bit, I’ll let you know at the end of my product reviews, if and how you can get them through Shopnate.

In the meantime go and check it out, because you’ll be so surprised at how many of your favourite online stores are taking part, and with post Christmas sales coming up, you could put the Chrissy money from your Nan towards something for you and a little bit for someone else.  Everyone smiles, remember?