You may remember my genius theory from my first review of Crop Natural Skincare, which justifies all spending at the supermarket as a necessity.  Well, if you are smart enough to subscribe to this gem of awesome living, then get ready to load some more guilt free booty into your trolley, because you can now go nuts on makeup.

Yep, Crop is now doing makeup and it’s hanging up in your local Coles health and beauty aisle, just waiting for you to impulse buy the hell out of it (they also have an online store so you can shop on the toilet).  It’s not just any old crap either.  It’s a natural, eco friendly, cruelty free, beautifully packaged selection of colour essentials to add a little polish to your everyday face.

There’s a full range of face, eye and lip products, so I’m just going to let you know what my favourites are from each category so this doesn’t become a novel.  Not every product worked for me, but I can see how they would be great for other people, so if you want more details on any of the ones I leave out, just ask me in the comments.  Let us begin…

The Natural Face Primer is a pretty logical place to start, and one of my absolute favourites from the range.  In my opinion primers should be considered in the same way as skin care.  There’s rarely a one size fits all solution as you really need to take your skin type into consideration as well as the type of foundation you’re applying on top.  For me, those spakfilla, silicone rich ones that give a silky slip-like finish to the skin, just slide off my face taking everything else with it.  I need a product with grip, that’s also going to hydrate my skin.  As soon as I applied the Crop primer I knew it was right for me.  It offers immediate hydration without leaving a residue on the skin and once it dries, you can feel that it’s going to hold onto any liquid foundation you apply on top.  The primer is not only loaded with sweet almond oil and shea butter, but it also contains a high content of titanium dioxide, so I imagine it would offer a decent amount of sun protection as well as moisture.  Big thumbs up.

The next winner, and a product that works incredibly well with the primer, is the Natural Liquid Foundation.  If you have no choice, then applying it with the fingers is fine, but if you’ve listened to me and bought yourself a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, then use that.  This is a foundation that requires very little product to achieve a good coverage with a natural finish.  Applying with your fingers might put too much product onto your face and leave you with some unevenness, whereas the brush allows you to control the quantity and buffs it straight into the skin.  It is a great option for oily skin, especially used in conjunction with the primer, however if you’re drier, you might want to either choose a more dewy primer or mix a little liquid illuminator in with it.  This would also be a lovely alternative to a mineral powder for those who want that convenience but without the the mess all over your bathroom, or for those of you, like me, who just f*cking hate them.  LIQUID FOR LIFE!

Of course there’s a time and a place for powders, and that time is at the finishing and setting stage.  The liquid foundation already offers a slightly powdered finish, so there’s no need to add anything too heavy.  Fortunately the Crop powder products are free of talc and very finely milled so they just delicately rest on top of your makeup like a soft veil of perfection.  You can opt for loose, pressed or both depending on your preference and retail therapy needs that day.  They’re all good, but the powder product that I have been absolutely thrashing from this range, is the blush.  The Natural Mineral Pressed Blush is so super pretty and perfect for all you heavy handed chicks out there.  It’s naturally subtle and soft on the cheeks, adding just enough flush to liven up your face and give you back some colour.  This product whispers, rather than screams, a sweet little sparrow as opposed to a dirty honking ibis.  The shade ‘Bouquet’ is universally flattering and won’t look obvious during the day or compete with a strong eye or lip at night.  If you’re new to blush, get it.  The above is also true of the Natural Mineral Pressed Bronzer.  They’re all about subtlety.

One of the products that was far from subtle on me, was the Natural Eyebrow Pencil.  For starters I was sent the Brunette, when maybe the Blonde was more appropriate, but I think it was more about the texture.  It’s too creamy for my brows and even trying to use it light as a feather still applied too much product.  Being the beauty revolutionary brat that I am and not wanting to waste a perfectly good pencil, I tried it as an eyeliner instead.  It’s a bloody fantastic eye liner, as is the actual eye liner.  The creaminess of the eyebrow pencil allows it to glide smoothly along the lid, while the powdery-ness keeps it in place without smudging.  Conversely, the Natural Eyeliner Pencil is a smokey eye lover’s wet dream.  (Sorry did I say ‘wet dream’? I meant, well I meant ‘wet dream’…carry on).  It’s super creamy to apply, then smudges up a treat before setting to a powder finish.  I received the Black Onyx, which is intensity in ten cities, jet, edge of the universe darkness, to satisfy all your rock chick needs.  It rivals any of the high end pencils I’ve had the privilege of using over the years and it’s only 16 bucks.  I better get the brown one too.

OK, last category.  Lips.  This one was tricky on account of the colours I received.  Nothing wrong with the product or formulas, but I took one look and thought “Nuh.  Not gonna work”.  I gave them a go anyway, and discovered an alternative way to use them that worked really well for me.  The ‘Tulip’ Natural Tinted Lip Balm is way too pale for me on its own, but after using it a few times, I discovered that its texture, colour and the way it smoothed out the lines on my lips, made it a perfect primer for my pout.  I also received the ‘Spice’ Natural Lipstick rather than the ‘Plum’, which would have been a straight up winner.  On its own, it looks blah on me, so I used it to tone down and add a warm base for my brighter pinks and reds, creating a whole new range of colour options for my collection.  The texture is beautiful and feels very comfortable and nourishing on my lips.  Big kisses for the lip products.

I know that buying your beauty at the supermarket is far from glamourous, but there are going to be times when you just need that convenience or a pretty little bargain.  The Crop range of makeup, like their skin care, at least gives you a selection of quality products that you can actually use to achieve beautiful results.  It’s also heartening and encouraging to see more ethical brands filling the shelves.  Hooray for the good shit!

Kind Beauty Points : Cruelty free, eco friendly and over 80% natural.

I was lucky enough to receive these products as a gift, but all opinions are my own.  Loveface has an ‘if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all’ policy, so if I don’t love it, you won’t see it here.