I love essential oils.  I even dabbled in aromatherapy in my 20s, doing short courses and mixing up concoctions.  Unfortunately, I had a condition called ‘Short Attention Span’, so I let it…oh, look, a puppy…

Luckily for us, Glenda Taylor stuck with it and the aromatherapist and perfumer founded natural skincare brand Balm Balm.  In 2005,  Balm Balm realised Glenda’s dream of creating a range that was 100% organic and accessible to all.

Credibility in the industry was also key, so with The Leaping Bunny logo certified by cruelty free advocates BUAV, she was on her way.  Add to that the all important approval from Britain’s leading organic certification body, Soil Association (In 2007 Balm Balm won their industry award for Best Organic Beauty and Body Care Product), and Balm Balm had itself some serious cred.

The kind beauty checklist just keeps getting longer with this super lovely brand.  Endorsed by yet another cruelty free group, Nature Watch, as well as sourcing recyclable packaging from a carbon neutral company. Nice.

I for one love Balm Balm.  The beauty lies in it’s simplicity.  Formulations that often consist of only one ingredient, with everything on the label identifiable and easy to pronounce.  The sweetest little white and candy coloured packaging that is perfect for travel or small spaces.  You just wish you could give Balm Balm a big cuddle.