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The grey clouds parted over the supermarket health and beauty aisle and a ray of pure, angelic light shone down on a bottle of hand wash, leaving all else in darkness.  It was a sign.  It had been chosen.

It was drawing me in with it’s dark amber bottle and modern design.  What was this?  This was new to me.  Thankyou.  You’re welcome?  ‘Life changing hand wash’ the label read.  Wow, that’s a bit rich.  It’s hand wash.  I could hardly see how it was going to change my life.

Turns out they weren’t referring to me – really? – but to those in developing countries in desperate need of better health and hygiene.  Thank You exists purely to help others, and by us chucking their products in our trolleys, we are supporting the cause.

1.4 billion people in our world live in extreme poverty.  Meanwhile Australians spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year on bottled water, food, soap and other consumer goods.  What if purchasing those everyday products could provide life changing  solutions to people in need?


This is why we exist.

Thankyou is not just a brand, but a movement.  A life changing movement funded by thoughtful consumers of water, cereal, muesli bars, hand wash, hand lotion and sanitiser.  I have wholeheartedly jumped on board and am now adding all their available products to my shopping trolley each week – except for the water, as I’m ok with the tap stuff and the environment could do with less plastic waste.

You can track how your purchase is helping others with a unique code on each product, or just enjoy the high quality goods they produce, happy in the knowledge that it’s not only your hands getting a good wash, but someone’s, somewhere, possibly for the first time.  Please see their website for a more comprehensive overview of what they do and how it all came about.  It’s a great read.

How about a review?

You don’t need me to do a big review on this.  It’s hand wash.  And lotion.  You put it on your sink and use it.  The lovely thing about these though, are that they are made with natural ingredients free of sulphates, parabens and other dreaded nasties.  Plus, they smell awesome.  I bought the Botanical Sweet Orange and Almond range first, because I love sweet orange and the other option had vanilla in it, which I’m not a huge fan of if it’s too strong.  I think it goes back to my high school days, where I swear this girl used to bathe in vanilla essence – you could smell her coming from two buildings away.  So sickly sweet.  Anyway, the fragrance of the Botanical Sweet Orange and Almond Hand Wash and Hand Lotion is soft and light, virtually undetectable on the skin unless you inhale into your palms after applying.  It’s beautiful, but not too girly if a manly man wants to use it.

For the purposes of this blog, I later bought the Botanical Patchouli and Vanilla range, and was a little bit blown away.  It is not vanilla-y, but heavier on the sandalwood and patchouli.  Not in a ‘student share house in the 90s incense’ kind of way, but more ‘super high luxury French perfume’ kind of way.  Different.  The essential oils and flower essences in these products are blended so beautifully and expertly, that your bathroom ends up smelling like a day spa rather than a disinfected hospital ward – you know the hand washes I’m talking about.  The textures of the formulas are luxurious too.  The hand washes are more gel like without excessive foam to dry out your mitts, and the lotions are rich enough to give chapped hands some relief, but light enough that you can use a pen straight away, to add more to your shopping list.  Which, you should do now.

Kind Beauty Points : Cruelty free, natural, eco friendly, vegan friendly and super socially conscious.

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