When I first started on this kind beauty journey, I came across an Australian brand called Zuii. 

I had never heard of Zuii before, but their tagline intrigued me – ‘Wear Flowers on Your Face’.  Fresh flower petals form the bulk of the Zuii formulations, along with essential oils, vitamins and minerals.  All certified organic.  All wonderfully good for your skin.  So I tracked them down and bought a little bit of stuff – liquid foundation, powder foundation, mascara, 2 eyeshadows, a lipgloss and a lipstick – just a little bit of stuff.

The other important factor that drew me to them is that their products are free of talc and silicone.  For my skin, those two ingredients are just the worst.  They clog my pores like nobody’s business and cause unnecessary breakouts – as apposed to the necessary ones?

Anyway…so, no talc, no silicone, no petrochemicals, no synthetic substances…I could go on all day about what is NOT in Zuii products, but as this is such a pure makeup brand, the list is just too long, so check it out for yourself here.

What the brand most prides itself on, is it’s organic status.  Not content with just being natural, Zuii’s complete range is certified organic with the highest Australian and Global certifications, as well as being vegan friendly and cruelty free.  But not to fear, for with all this goodness and lack of anything evil, Zuii still delivers high quality, serious makeup.  It’s not just a tinted moisturiser and beige eyeshadow kind of organic brand.  Instead, they offer a full line of performance driven cosmetics with an extensive colour selection and beautiful formulations, that are just so damn good for your skin.