I feel like the term ‘must have’ gets thrown around way too much in the beauty world these days.  It doesn’t sit well with a super stubborn brat like me, who hates being told what to do and although I like to recommend lovely things to you here on the blog, I don’t ever want to tell you that you ‘must have’ them.  Today however, I might need to make an exception.

I have found some amazing little treasures from Australis that give you an almighty great bang for your buck, and work so exceptionally well for all the blue eyed ladies out there, that I may just have to bite the bullet and label them ‘must haves’.  If you have been gifted with brown, hazel, grey or green eyes, don’t stop reading, because these tones can look great on you too.  However, if you like working with complementary colour theory (opposites on the colour wheel), then blue eyes are going to benefit the most from these shades.

I have been using an initially limited edition, but now permanent, metallic  cream eyeshadow from Australis for quite some time now and I absolutely love the ease of application and effortless shimmer effect it creates.  The colour I have is Jay Zed, an antique gold/khaki, which is in the kind of murky family of colours that I’m drawn to in makeup and fashion, but doesn’t necessarily make the most of my baby blues.  I love it anyway and use it as a finishing touch to every smokey eye I do.  It gives a kind of undone, rock chick look and adds a cool element to an otherwise generic makeup look.  It’s become such a staple for my makeup bag and kit, that I really need to broaden my colour options.

Now I’m not sure if they’ve had this colour all along and it was always sold out, or if it’s a new addition, but I found the colour of my dreams the other day and Gold Gaga is her name.  I’m pretty sure I used mind power to manifest my ideal shade and have it appear before me on the shelf at Priceline, and I don’t know about you, but when I see something that I’ve wanted for so long and it’s finally in front of me, willing me to take it home, I get a little sweaty and my eyes go all ‘deer in headlights’.  I then move really fast, getting to the counter to pay before someone rips my dream away from me in some cruel twist of retail fate.  I made it out with the goods this time though, adding her (possibly now irrelevant friend) Plum Diddy to the bag…I hope you’re all keeping up with pop culture references so far and have by no means read a ‘bar pick-up’ analogy into this story.

My favourite way to use these, like I said, is as a finishing touch to a smokey eye.  I just use my finger to dab a small amount of product on, with no particular precision, to create a little more interest and of course a metallic finish.  These have more of a foil effect, with the little glittery bits being a smidge more chunky than a shimmer or pearl eyeshadow.  That being said, you can totally customise your level of facial disco just by using more or less.  I have also been wearing them on their own or as a base for intensifying powder eyeshadows, and although they have pretty good staying power, I would probably still recommend using the Australis Eye Primer first, as this will keep your eye makeup in place all day or night.  It’s a great primer at an even better price point, especially since it’s on par, or maybe even better than the Nars one.  I still rate the Too Faced Shadow Insurance as the best eye primer I’ve ever used and because it lasts forever, it’s well worth paying that little bit extra if you can afford it.  But I digress…

I played around with Gold Gaga and Plum Diddy the other day by layering sheer coats of the two of them, working the darker shade just on the outer corner and above my crease to open up my eyes.  It was surprisingly easy and created a lovely day time smokey eye that stayed in place till I took it off at bedtime.  Unless you have giant pork sausage fingers or are too heavy handed, this is a quick and easy way to make it look like you’ve done something, without really doing much of anything.  You don’t even need a brush, just a clean finger.  You could even get away with just using one colour and be done with it – a level of laziness that I for one wholeheartedly encourage.  These little pots of fun are just perfect for anyone who is shit at eye makeup or who just can’t be arsed with it all.

 If you would however, like to get a bit more jazzy with your eyes (especially your blue ones), then please read on.


The full spectrum of bronze eyeshadow shades are a blue eyed girl’s best friend.  I’m a blue eyed girl and I’ve been looking for a palette of complementary colours to make my eyes pop, but they are surprisingly hard to find.  There’s plenty of nude palettes out there at the moment and some fantastic matte collections, but unless you want to spend a fortune on a set where you may only use a few of the colours, a good range of bronze shades is a rarity.  That’s not to say that this limited edition palette from Australis is easy to find either.  It’s a Kmart exclusive and it sells out like the Black Eyed Peas after Bridging The Gap.  I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time and scored this beauty for less than ten bucks!  While they’re not the best powders I’ve ever used, they are pretty bloody good and worth way more than their bargain price tag.  The darker shades are gorgeously pigmented and the lighter ones offer a lovely highlighting option.  They look incredible as they intensify when applied over the top of the metallic creams and are super easy to blend.

I’m trying so hard to refrain from telling you that you ‘must have’ these products, but seriously, if you are blue eyed or lazy and are looking for easy to use, high impact eyeshadows in super flattering and shades that won’t send you broke, then you should probably just do what I say and go and buy these.  And you should probably do it now, because that palette is like the last golden ticket and you deserve it more than that little goody two shoes, Charlie.

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