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  Now, some of you crazies have already done your Christmas shopping, wrapped the gifts and put them under the tree you’ve had up since July.  For those of you haven’t even thought about present buying yet, there’s a really cool way for you to do your Christmas shopping and spread your generosity and good […]

  Hey Beauties, if I told you that you could took take 50 bucks to the local shop, buy 5 eco friendly, natural, cruelty free products, that are just as good, if not better, than their super expensive and toxic counterparts, with enough change left over for 8 Paddle Pops (yours to do with as […]

  Hello my lovely and beautiful people who love lovely and beautiful people doing lovely and beautiful things for other lovely and beautiful people.  This week I’m letting you know how you can be one of those lovely and beautiful people too, by buying lovely and beautiful stuff for little lov… oh, I’m sick of […]

It’s great to donate.  I love it.  It makes me feel good to forward my money on to someone who needs it more.  Sometimes I feel a bit guilty though, when I spend it on frivolous crap, knowing that it could be helping someone more deserving.