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  BEAUTIIIIIIIIEEEEEEESSS!!! Grab a fistful of change from your car, ladies, ’cause it’s time to go bargain shopping.  For the next two days Priceline are giving you 40% off all cosmetics.  I’m excited, you’re excited, we’re all so bloody excited!!!

  Let’s continue on from the last post and gush a little more over the beauty offering from Sportsgirl, shall we?  They have some fabulous stuff available to scratch your beauty bargain itch, with the lipstick range being the absolute stand out.

  You may remember my genius theory from my first review of Crop Natural Skincare, which justifies all spending at the supermarket as a necessity.  Well, if you are smart enough to subscribe to this gem of awesome living, then get ready to load some more guilt free booty into your trolley, because you can […]

I haven’t touched any cream to powder makeup since the nineties.  I thought it all crawled into a hole to die, taking overly plucked brows and Right Said Fred with it.  Well, somebody must have said “massive comeback”, because it’s everywhere again.  (Fred and the brows are still in the hole though…for now).

  Hey Beauties, are you looking for me?  Well, I’m not here.  I’m over at Redcliffe Style this week sharing my hot tips for getting a glowing face when winter has you feeling like a zombie.  I’ll be back next week with some makeup reviews.  In the meantime, head on over and discover the coolness […]