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  I turn 40 this week, so Husbo is taking me on a trip to Tahiti.  We are staying in those bungalows over the water and doing absolutely nothing.  My holiday dreams are about to come true, and I’ve bought myself a very special bikini for the occasion.

  Time to fess up.  Is your fridge covered in magazine pics of chicks in bikinis?  Assuming they are there for ‘fitspiration’ or god forbid, ‘thinspiration’, and not just for perving on, are they actually helping you to achieve your goals or are they just making you feel even more shit about yourself?

  As a follow up to the post I wrote about my eating disorder and lack of body confidence as a teenager, I thought it only polite to share with you how I manage to love and accept my body as it is today.  So here is the first in a series of posts about […]

Today’s post isn’t funny.  Today’s post is a deeply personal and honest account of a difficult time in my life that I rarely talk about.  The time I had an eating disorder.

This post is a self indulgent outpouring of love and gratitude to some very fine women, who I had the pleasure of dining with on Saturday afternoon.  I met them on Instagram, and in the same way that it’s possible to meet the love of your life at the pub (albeit under dodgy circumstances), you […]