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  It’s on again, Beauties.  Priceline is having their skin care, sun and tanning sale, with 40% off all of it.  It’s like f*cking Christmas for product junkies and beauty lovers, and I for one, am excited out of my pants.  I have been asked for a lot of product advice lately, so here are […]

  Hiya Beauties!  I’m sorry if it seems like I’ve left you in the lurch recently, it’s just that, I’m fippin’ exhausted.  The year is coming to a close, my brain isn’t functioning and I have an RSI/Carpel Tunnel/gammy wrist situation happening, which is messing with my Instagram and typing game.  Not to mention the […]

  Hey Beauties, if I told you that you could took take 50 bucks to the local shop, buy 5 eco friendly, natural, cruelty free products, that are just as good, if not better, than their super expensive and toxic counterparts, with enough change left over for 8 Paddle Pops (yours to do with as […]

  Whether you’re heading into summer, like we are in Australia, or you’re about to rug up and prepare for snuggle weather, an SPF is essential for keeping your skin protected from incidental sun exposure.  It just so happens that I’ve found a fantasic hand bag friendly sunscreen and it’s 100% natural.  Bonus.

  Hands up, who let’s their body hide away in trackies and jeans all winter, while the dead skin builds up to a crusty dry mess, that even the unshaven hair can’t break its way through?  Yeah?  OK, well, you know your legs aren’t like a plastic container you’ve left in the fridge too long, […]