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  My Beauties!  I know it’s been a while since we last spoke here, but so much has been going on this past month that I just haven’t had either the time, energy or sometimes motivation, to write.  Don’t worry though, because apart from low iron (getting it checked today) everything else is just fabulous.  […]

  Coming to an inbox near you (yours to be specific), is the first Loveface monthly newsletter, and it’s all about YOU! 

Today’s post isn’t funny.  Today’s post is a deeply personal and honest account of a difficult time in my life that I rarely talk about.  The time I had an eating disorder.

This post is a self indulgent outpouring of love and gratitude to some very fine women, who I had the pleasure of dining with on Saturday afternoon.  I met them on Instagram, and in the same way that it’s possible to meet the love of your life at the pub (albeit under dodgy circumstances), you […]

  So, Saturday night turned out to be a major test for my confidence and I’m happy to say that I passed with flying colours…I think…