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  Time to fess up.  Is your fridge covered in magazine pics of chicks in bikinis?  Assuming they are there for ‘fitspiration’ or god forbid, ‘thinspiration’, and not just for perving on, are they actually helping you to achieve your goals or are they just making you feel even more shit about yourself?

  Au revoir 2015.  You’ve been a blast.  This year was a big one for me getting out of my hermit blogger comfort zone.  I met amazing new people, took on new challenges and have lined up some very cool new writing opportunities for 2016 (how many times can I write ‘new’?!).  Anyway, I couldn’t […]

  You may remember my genius theory from my first review of Crop Natural Skincare, which justifies all spending at the supermarket as a necessity.  Well, if you are smart enough to subscribe to this gem of awesome living, then get ready to load some more guilt free booty into your trolley, because you can […]

Following on from the previous post in which I declared my hatred for foaming cleansers, I thought it only polite to introduce you to their current creamy replacement and a couple of her gorgeous friends.

If your skin is feeling dull as dog shit, no matter how many times you exfoliate it or smother it in vitamin rich serums, then you might like to consider a liquid illuminator.