Let’s continue on from the last post and gush a little more over the beauty offering from Sportsgirl, shall we?  They have some fabulous stuff available to scratch your beauty bargain itch, with the lipstick range being the absolute stand out.

In terms of affordability, colour selection and performance, you just can’t go past Sportsgirl’s Pout About It lippies.  Australis comes pretty close, but Sportsgirl just scrapes in due to their wider colour options, especially for everyday natural shades.  My first lipstick from them was ‘Pretty Please’, a perfect natural pink with a moisturising creamy finish, that gives you ‘your lips, only better’.  It’s my go-to shade and you’ll see me wearing it in most of my daytime selfies on Instagram.  I love wearing it with a full on smokey eye at night too, when I just need a little bit of colour to balance out my features – I just can’t do that whole disappering nude lip anymore, I need a little something to prevent me looking like death or having a moustache.  Plus, I’ve been blessed with pretty good lips, so I feel like I’m flipping the bird to nature if I don’t show them off a little.

Having had success with the naturals, I stepped up my game with my next purchase.  I bought ‘Beauty Queen’ for that 60s Edie/Twiggy/Bardot baby pink that looks great with serious winged eyeliner and lashes.  Adding a bit of lip balm or gloss to the centre of the lips and wearing a natural cheek colour, takes the edge off to create a more modern version of the retro look.  I find this one works better on me in winter when I’m paler, as it can look a bit Barbie with tanned skin.  Barbie is my nemesis by the way.  I acknowledge that sometimes I can resemble her, with the blonde hair, blue eyes, big lips and occasional golden tan, and I once surrendered and referred to myself as ‘Liz Lemon Barbie’, but I strive each day to distance myself from it – not the Liz part.  I wish her no harm, but for the life of me I don’t want to look like her.  Sorry Babs.

OK, my personal issues with inanimate plastic dolls aside, the next Sportsgirl lipstick I bought AND F*CKING LOVE, was ‘Bombshell’.  Hands down one of the best red lipsticks on the market.  It’s up there with Nars, Hourglass and MAC, for colour intensity, texture and staying power.  It’s the perfect neutral red, not too blue, not too orange, just flattering as hell for any skin tone.  A true classic.  The texture is creamy with a satin matte finish that feels comfortable on the lips but lasts for hours.  It will make your teeth look whiter, your eyes sparkle and your enemies jealous.  Equally appropriate worn with jeans and a t-shirt, little black dress or glammed up for a ball gown situation.  I cannot recommend this lipstick highly enough.  It’s an essential.  Having said that, they have an array of reds to choose from, so if ‘classic awesome’ isn’t your thang, then just pick another one.


That’s the beauty of the Sportsgirl lipstick range, the colour selection is so fabulous that you can find your perfect natural, pink, berry, red or brown lippy as well as high fashion shades like orange, purple and neons.  Which brings me to my newest additions – ‘Flirt’ and ‘Bitten’. ‘Flirt’ is like this amazebangin’ neon raspberry/watermelon pink that neither myself nor Sportsgirl could capture properly in our photos. (On that note, the images on their website don’t quite capture the intensity of the colours or do them justice, so just go in and play with the testers instead.  If you’re remote, maybe call a store to get them to describe the colours to you).  Anyway, back to ‘Flirt’.  It is BRIGHT and fabulous.  I used to try to make this colour by mixing a vibrant raspberry with a vivid coral, now I have it in an amazing long lasting matte.  It’s a great colour to wear with a simple outfit and natural makeup, as it is going to stand all the way out and take all the attention.  It has a bit of a tropical feel, so for those of you who like wearing a lippy to the beach, this would be perfect.  Against a bronzed backdrop, this shade will look incredible.  Alternatively, I think it would look just as good on ultra fair skin with a simple flick on the eyes and a soft peachy blush.  If you have the guts to wear mega brights, I totally recommend a bit of ‘Flirt’.

Finally, the other colour I have in my stash is ‘Bitten’.  I haven’t actually worn this one myself yet, but I used it on my beautiful client, Paachi, on the weekend for her fitness model/bikini competition.  She is Brazilian, with long dark hair, naturally bronzed skin and brown eyes.  She wanted a lipstick that would make her incredible smile stand out while she was up on stage.  I thought I was going to have to custom make a colour for her, until I had a little play with ‘Bitten’.  In the bullet it looks quite dark and moody, but on the lips, it’s a beautiful berry colour that is so super flattering and sophisticated.  This is another shade that would suit a multitude of colourings.  It might even be a great gateway colour into wearing a bright red or hot pink, if you’re a little bit chicken.  Blotted down with a gloss or balm over the top would look really beautiful on pretty much anyone.

So there you have it bargain hunters and lippy lovers.  At only 10 bucks a pop, these babies are definitely worth checking out and treating yourself to.  My next Sportsgirl beauty purchase is going to be Glow Cream and the Sharpen Up eye pencils.  I’ve already played with them in the shop, so it’s a given.  Stay tuned for my review of those.

Kind Beauty Points : Sportsgirl products are cruelty free.  The brand also supports The Butterfly Foundation an initiative dedicated to promoting positive body image and assisting those with eating disorders.

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