Dress Code: Ladies, please don’t wear black.

A couple of weeks ago, we went to an amazing wedding in Martinborough, New Zealand – one of the North Island’s stunning wine regions.  It was an intimate affair with guests arriving from out of town and across the seas to celebrate love – and sink many many wines.  It was one of the best weekends of my life and the preparation just added to the fun.  I took the ‘no black, please’ request as a challenge, and with my new dress as a starting point, things got a little colourful.  It was like a rainbow had a baby with a field of flowers.

The orchid colour trend had me in a lipstick hunting frenzy.  Since switching to ethical brands, the shade choices were limited and I’m pretty fussy about textures and quality too, so it took a bit of searching.  Some were too pink and others just way too purple and unwearable for me.  I had worn a fuchsia pink lipstick by Hourglass with the dress, and although it worked beautifully, I still wanted it that slightly more purple, orchid colour.

I found a lip gloss crayon in a not too scary shade of purple from Face of Australia, and with my wallet a measly $5 lighter, it was time to get mixing.  I love colour mixing and layering.  It allows you to customise your own shade and finish, and improves the product longevity on your lips – especially for an all day event like a wedding.  I love the multi dimensional effect it creates too, rather that just flat colour, which is great if you have small lips.

The Hourglass Femme Rouge Velvet Creme Lipstick in ‘Fever’, is, as the extremely long name suggests, quite creamy.  It’s also highly pigmented and super luxurious.  I wanted to use this as a really good foundation on my lips, so I did the whole – apply, blot, powder, repeat – a couple of times until the finish was semi matte with no chance of it budging.

The Face of Australia Glossy Lip Crayon in ‘Berry Brulee’ surprised the hell out of me.  Usually something that costs less than $5 has a crap texture and no colour payoff.  Not this little baby.  She’s a beauty.  It’s a gloss, so it’s sheer, but not wishy washy.  The colour is true and the texture is silky, not sticky.  Whether alone or layered over a lipstick or stain, it imparts a beautiful shade of purple with just a hint of pink.  Over Hourglass’ ‘Fever’, it was, for me, perfection.

I knew a bright lip was a high maintenance risk, but one I was prepared to take in the name of fashion.  The day was full of finger food and more importantly, wine tastings.  We visited about 6 wineries before sitting down to dinner, so my lips got a good workout.  The combination of products had great staying power and it was probably just the perfectionist in me that had me touching up every 3 wineries. When your lips are the feature of your makeup, it’s important to keep them perfect and polished – otherwise just do a smokey eye and some lip balm.  All good options.

So that’s my wedding lip story…exciting, no?




The rest of the outfit colour explosion went like this…

Floral maxi dress from Seafolly, in all the colours of the jewel toned rainbow.  Midi heels from Country Road in neutral python print with a metallic emerald green ankle strap.  To marry the metallic strap with the purple in the dress, I did Australis metallic nail colour in ‘Paparazzi Purple’, and brought the green back up to my fingers with gold and emerald stacking rings from Lovisa.  Feeling I had to tone it down somewhere, I opted for nude fingernails with a Little Treasures Nail Colour in ‘Camel’, from Natio, and took a matching nude wrap by Witchery, for the colder moments.

Leaving subtlety alone and returning to the madness, I thought, “What the hell.  We’ve gone this far, just add another colour.” So for lack of time and other options, I took an old Sportsgirl hot pink clutch with me – because a) it matched one of the hundred colours in my dress, and b) it was big enough to fit a pair of flats – something that has become a necessity after having babies, and for preventing future knee and bunion surgery.

Is that it?  I’m exhausted.  I think I need a wine…

Kind Beauty Points : All beauty brands mentioned are cruelty free.