I haven’t touched any cream to powder makeup since the nineties.  I thought it all crawled into a hole to die, taking overly plucked brows and Right Said Fred with it.  Well, somebody must have said “massive comeback”, because it’s everywhere again.  (Fred and the brows are still in the hole though…for now).

A giant box of beauty arrived on my doorstep a little while ago, a spectacular collection of goodies from Physicians Formula.  Having fallen madly in love with their Nude Wear collection, I was understandably excited.  I had to approach the 20 plus products methodically to avoid total confusion and makeup mayhem, so I started with the complexion stuff, the Beauty Balm (BB) and Colour Correction (CC) lines.  It just seemed to make sense to begin with the base, but mostly I just wanted to play with the cute little disco ball filled with sweet cherry fragranced, pinky goodness.  The Super BB All-in-1 Cheek and Lip Beauty Balm in Berry Pink to be exact.

This has completely transformed my daily day time makeup routine.   l do love a cream blush, but most of them end up a little bit too juicy for my skin and I find I have to powder over the top of them anyway.  The Beauty Balm is a little ball of buildable cream to powder blush that looks so beautifully natural on the cheeks and is a super cinch to apply.  It can be easy to over do it with some cream blushes, especially if you have a tendency to be a touch heavy handed.  There’s no way you could stuff this one up though, as it starts out sheer and lets you build it up from there, rather than having to wipe away excess product because you got a bit over excited.  I even let my toddlers put it on me with zero stress or angry face.  Any wayward strokes can just be blended in with your finger.  Absolutely no need for a brush, which is great if you haven’t washed them in months and you want to avoid dusting yourself with bacteria.  Nobody needs that in their life.  Nobody.


My other favouite from the Super BB collection is the All-in-1 Beauty Balm Compact Cream.  Another cream to powder product that works beautifully with the cheek colour. I’ve been using Graftobian cream foundation in my professional kit for a while, and for nights out I use it myself too.  It’s a medium to full coverage foundation that looks beautiful for special events, but for me it’s just too much for everyday.  A slighty beefed up tinted moisturiser is all I need, so I was pretty stoked when this compact cream foundation gave me coverage while still looking like skin, especially in full sun situations.  There’s also one in the Super CC range, but that was too heavy for me and didn’t sit on my skin as well as the BB one did.  It seems to be more matte, whereas the BB cream foundation is slightly more dewy.  This makes sense as the BB products are designed to offer skin care benefits and moisture, whereas the CC line is all about evening out colour concerns. You still with me?

Anyway, I tried a couple of application techniques, but kept coming back to the sponge provided.  It works best if you push it into the skin, so brushes are out as they just swipe it across your face giving an uneven coverage and allowing the pores to look more visible.  Fingers are OK for spot concealing as they add more product, offering a fuller coverage around the eyes, nose and chin, but the sponge is still the way to go.  I sweep a light layer over my whole face, then go back and press a bit more product through the centre of my face and the pores on my cheeks.  The result is slightly dewy, but with a silky powder finish, nothing like the pancake looking cream to powder formulas of the nineties.  My advice with this one is to either keep your sponge really clean, or if you can’t be arsed washing it, then get a packet of disposable ones.  Not the best option for the environment I know, but you don’t want a science experiment growing in your compact, or on your face either.


For days (and nights) when I want a bit more coverage, I use the Super CC Color Correction and Care Cream in Light/Medium.  My favourite way to wear this is by mixing it with one of my liquid illuminators.  I make the blend on the back of my hand and use my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush to paint it on my face.  This offers a beautifully radiant, natural looking finish with enough coverage if I want to look like I’ve made a proper effort.  Think ‘fancy lunch date’, ‘casual job interview’ or ‘I was out till 6am and needed a new face’.  This little mix with have you forgetting all about that kebab down the front of your LBD, or remembering it…either way, it’s fab.

So those are my favourites from the Physicians Formula BB and CC lines.  Along with the CC Cream Compact, the only other products that didn’t really do it for me were the powders.  There’s nothing really wrong with them, but I’m just so in love with and loyal to my Nude Wear powder and blush, that I just don’t have the space for them in my life right now.  It’s not them, it’s me.  I would just end up hurting them, but I hope we can still be friends.  Sorry, that got weird.  I’ll just go now shall I?

Kind Beauty Points : Physicians Formula is not tested on animals.

I was lucky enough to receive these products as a gift, but all opinions are my own.  Loveface has an ‘if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all’ policy, so if I don’t love it, you won’t see it here.

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