Right, let’s get back to a bit of old fashioned frivolity after last week’s ‘hemorrhage of opinions’, and glitter up with a fabulously unnecessary product, that serves no other purpose than to add an explosion of sparkly fun to your fingers and toes.

Check out this party in a bottle – Disco Inferno by Face Of Australia.  I have had it for months, but have been too scared to use it.  Aren’t I too old for glitter?  No!  No one is too old for glitter.  Especially when it is quietly tucked away on your toe nails, or making a subtle appearance as a ‘feature nail’ on your hands, or, bugger it, obnoxiously flashing itself all over your fingers and toes in four glorious coats, like the attention seeking whore that it is!..inhale


If you’re a big old lazy bones like me and can’t be bothered re doing a well worn pedi, then this is a bedazzled godsend.  Just a coat or two over your existing colour, and voila!  Brand new nails that you can’t take your eyes off.  Seriously, at Pilates last night, the light kept reflecting off all the pretty colours and I was so mesmerised, I think I neglected to engage my pelvic floor.  The horror.  Even now I’m looking at them peering over the top of my computer (I’m reclined on a bed), and it looks like my nails are encrusted with beautiful little jewels.  They are quite the distraction.

I applied a couple of coats over the top of my favourite purple nail polish, which gave me just enough glitter to be noticeable, but not too much as to leave a chunky mess of tacky sparkles.  The polish dries really quickly and the base of it is like a shiny clear top coat, so you don’t need to bother with a separate one.  My hot tip with this is to use the first coat to lay and even foundation of glitter. Push the pieces around your nails with the brush so you get them all over your nail.  Don’t worry if the base polish looks messy, as you just go over it with the second coat, which smooths it all out.  Keep applying more coats until you get to your desired level of glittery goodness.  I did two coats on my small toes and three on my big toes.  I did not brave it on my fingernails but I would love to try it over a dark navy polish, as soon as I find a good one.  The colour I have, Disco Inferno, is a mix of aqua, red and purple glitter, but they also have about six other choices including some softer shades with a pastel base polish.  For less than five dollars, why wouldn’t you indulge in a little shimmery fun?

Basically, this nail polish makes me want to put on the ‘Priscilla’ soundtrack and bust out my ‘Jazzy Interpretive Pageant’ style of dance, usually reserved for Christmas parties and gay bars.  Think game show prize model on her last day at The Price is Right, having had one too many celebratory champers in the dressing room, breaks character every so slightly with some expressive jazz hands and emotional fist clenches, while showing off the major prize in all her extreme presentation glory.  That’s right, this one little bottle has the power to move you and make you oh so fabulous.  Burn, baby, burn.

Kind Beauty Points : These nail colours are free from toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate and Face of Australia are 100% against animal testing.