Who’s Moby you ask?  Electro music bald guy from the late 90s, early noughties?  Anyone?  Yeah, Moby…

Once upon a hundred years ago, I was relaxing in my bean bag chair listening to his album ‘Play’.  I started reading the CD booky thing and it changed my life.  Inside, he had written about his decision to become a vegan and the impact that meat production had on the environment.  I was immediately wracked with guilt and vowed to start my own crusade to save the world, one meat free meal at at time.  Unlike old Mobes, however, I couldn’t work out how to give up dairy and eggs, and not be depressed.  Hello?  Cake?   I was crap at cooking and came up with some dumb logic to be ok with that.  I did, however, give away all my leather stuff – man I have some regrets about that – I worked in fashion and shoes for many years and had a sweet collection of beautiful stuff…anyway, sshh, back to the story…

The clothing chain I worked for at the time thought it was ok to do rabbit fur jackets.  I did not and that was it for the newly conscious me and my sweaty synthetic clad feet.  So I set my sights on getting a job with a company who shared my values.  I started working for The Body Shop, and so began my love affair with cosmetics. Since then I have worked with amazing brands, products and people and have become pretty knowledgeable about skin care and makeup.

So you see, in a really long winded roundabout way, Moby got me into beauty.  Thanks Moby.  And also, sorry, for I am no longer a vegetarian, but I am an awesome cook and I have more than my share of leather jackets.  Again, sorry.  See, I am by no means perfect, but am back on a little crusade of my own and taking baby steps towards doing the right thing.

loveface is my first BIG step…so let’s enjoy some kind beauty together.

LISTEN : MOBY  My Weakness