This post is a self indulgent outpouring of love and gratitude to some very fine women, who I had the pleasure of dining with on Saturday afternoon.  I met them on Instagram, and in the same way that it’s possible to meet the love of your life at the pub (albeit under dodgy circumstances), you can also make wonderful lady friendships via social media.

Following on from the last couple of posts about the Fox In Flats meet up, I also got together with some local ladies for a drink or 20 in Brisbane on the weekend.  Organised by the wonderful wine loving Sher, a group of us were handpicked by herself and personal stylist, Maudie, to attend the lunchtime festivities.  Dubbed the ‘South East Queensland Style Sisters’, we were apparently selected for our sense of humour and ability to have a good time, with a shared interest in fashion, beauty and online style challenges as a bonus.  Everyone had their own unique sense of style, and I just tried hard no to look too ‘Gold Coast’, instead opting to style my long blonde hair in beachy waves, applying a little body bronzer and wearing a brightly coloured maxi dress with gold sandals…oh wait.

I had avoided Instagram for a long time, assuming it was just a whole lot of selfies and food porn.  Well it is a whole lot of selfies and food porn, and so much more.  You can actually find like minded folks on there who love seeing photos of you sitting at the hairdresser, drinking a smoothie, doing a workout, pouring a glass of wine, tweezing your eyebrows, licking peanut butter straight from the jar, or taking the bins out.  They love it, and if they don’t, they just scroll on by.  Simple.  There’s no whinging about what you put out there, unlike Facebook, where your so-called friends and family complain if you post about a part of your life that they’re not interested in, but that may be really important to you (this has never actually happened to me, as I’m really crap at settings, and often make my posts so private, that no one sees them.  Also, I’m very interesting, so as if).  Anyway, don’t worry, because you can totally find strangers who are supportive of your interests and who will cheer you on with gusto, on Instagram.  In the case of the SEQ Style Sisters, they can also become your lovely friends.

I met most of them through the Fox In Flats Style Dares, but the rest of them also post their everyday style photos for Styling You.  Sure, I’d love to join in on this one too, but my ‘everyday style’ consists of the same denim shorts (or a wrinkled alternative) and an old Bonds singlet of Husbo’s (they don’t seem to crease as much as mine and I don’t really iron…ever).  My hair is usually up in a bun and I generally look like dog shit, so you see, I don’t really have a whole lot of style to share everyday.  I still follow Nikki from Styling You, and we were treated to her company on Saturday as our surprise guest.  With giddy confidence, that was fueled by my school girl excitement, a hungry tummy and a massive case of nerves, I attacked her face with a welcome kiss and hug like she’d known me all her life.  Just between you and me, I don’t think she knew who the flying f*ck I was, but she was of course gracious enough to pretend and made myself and everyone else feel very special.

So who else did I meet and fall in love with on the weekend?  Well, there were several bloggers, some major major big time and a some like yours truly, who are just trying to reclaim an identity away from motherhood.  There was a personal stylist and makeup artist in the mix, along with a few ladies who just like to share their lives and loves each day, and who all make for entertaining drinking buddies.  No matter what the day job or life situation, one thing was consistent across the group – everyone looked even more stunning and beautiful in real life.  Inner beauty was shining through the faces of each and every one of my lunch dates as we got to know one another over a continuous flow of white wine and conversation.  These were all women living passionate lives, with enormous hearts and a genuine interest in everybody else’s stories.  It was like we couldn’t get enough of each other and if family commitments weren’t calling us all back home, I’d say we would have kept drinking, chatting, taking selfies, complimenting one another, drinking, dancing, checking Instagram, chatting and drinking until the sun came up on Sunday morning.  There was not a dud in the group and we are all excited about getting together again soon for another round of lady fun times.

My face was sore from smiling and I had to catch two buses that day, but it was all worth the pain and smelly public transportation to meet such kindred spirits (that one’s for you Rebecca Kate).  I can’t wait to do it all again.

SHAMELESS PLUGS : Check out the work of my fellow Style Sisters and try not to fall in love.  You can also stalk our day out by checking out #seqstylesisters and #lookingfoinedrinkingwoine on Instagram.

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Photo courtesy of Nikki Parkinson.  Note the easily distracted blonde woman looking the wrong way, probably at something shiny…that’s me.