new lash


I have a couple of secrets that I don’t often share.  One is my love of interpretive dancing to REO Speedwagon’s ‘Keep On Loving You’, in my lounge room.  The other is that I’m envious of my 18 month old babies’ eyelashes.

A lucky few have been privileged to see my performances during cocktail hour, but only my husband knows that I’m jealous of my toddlers’ eyelashes – and it’s all his fault.  Old self proclaimed ‘lashes like a baby giraffe’, passed down his genes in this area to our daughters and they are blessed with long, dark, perfectly curved lashes.  They are beautiful.  The ladies and the lashes.  I am so shamefully envious though, and it may have something to do with my torrid lash history.

I was introduced to lash curlers back in 2001, when I began in the beauty biz.  These funny contraptions were on everyone’s essentials list, so I needed to get on board.  I bought a pair and as soon as I got them home, I whipped them out and had a crack.  What happened next left me scarred for oh, say, 13 years!

I had them in place, ready to do their magic, then CLAMPED THE EVERLIVING SHIT OUT OF MY LID!  The pain I felt justified all the new expletives that spewed forth from my pottiest of mouths.  “Who the f*ck does this to themselves?”, I thought, and banished the curlers to the dusty netherworld that was the back of my bathroom cabinet.

Strangely, I have been curling other people’s lashes for years, albeit whilst breaking out in a major sweat, and treading ever so carefully… “Have I got your lid?..I haven’t got your lid, have I?..What about now?..Are you sure?..Is that OK?..Still OK?”

Back to present day and my shameful envy.  I don’t have bad eyelashes, but they’re nothing special.  Unlike my lips – thank you very much – no one has ever commented on them or desired to have their own set of Kate flutters, but I’m not forever reaching for the falsies either.  I’m happy with them, but they’re just not up to my household’s standard (I’ve always secretly wanted to put mascara on Husbo’s lashes – they would look spectacular).  So I bought a new pair of lash curlers, and this time I didn’t heat them.  Oh, did I mention that?  The evil ones were also hot from a hairdryer blast.  Safe.  With my room temperature curlers in hand, I took to my lashes with the same slow and steady approach I used with my clients, and gently squeezed, moving them up the lash if I felt any skin contact.  Success!  I finally had my own personal experience of the simple yet eye opening amazing transformation that curling your lashes can bring.

I’m sure most of you are experts at curling your lashes, but I thought I’d share my experience in case there are some others out there just as scared as I was, and unless you are blessed with beautifully curled lashes, they are definitely worth trying to see if they make a difference to you.  I have started doing mine most days and then applying an organic brown mascara from Zuii to give the fair ends some colour.  The impact is huge on my eyes, and makes me appear more awake without looking made up.  I still come in fourth in our household’s best lash list, but I’m absolutely OK with that.  My daughters will always be the most beautiful people on the planet, so there’s no point trying to compete.  It’s just nice to make a little effort to look and feel good, and add a touch of glamour to an otherwise nappy filled day.