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I considered calling this post ‘My Everyday Hair Routine’, but who am I kidding?  I’m lucky if I can get my hair brushed let alone washed each day.  It’s more like twice a week for me, and dry shampoo takes care of the rest. 

Now that my daughters are joining me for my morning shower, I have close to zero wash time, and by ‘joining’ I mean standing outside holding the door open – one soaping up her little body with no intention of letting me rinse it off, and the other one running off in the nude saying ‘wee wee’, while I nervously wash myself in record time, in the hope that I catch her before she shits or pisses everywhere (it hasn’t happened in a while, but one can never be too paranoid careful).

Anyway, all motherly issues aside, I’m back at the supermarket again for part of this post, as you guys seem to like me reviewing stuff that is easily accessible and, let’s face it, a bloody great bargain.  The other part is a bit more fancy, but the most important thing is that all the products have worked beautifully for my hair and I love them.

So let’s start at ‘the shops’.  Organic Care is an Australian hair and body care brand that has everything going for it.  It is one of a (big) handful of brands made and owned by Nature’s Organics, an all Australian company whose main purpose is to protect our planet by making affordable environmentally friendly products readily available to the masses.  They are an accredited cruelty free and vegan company, who also support a bunch of awesome charities.  Yay!  They also get a big ol’ tick from the Shop Ethical Consumer Guide.  Double Yay!

I have been using the Normal Balance Ultra Health Shampoo and the Dry Nourish Ultra Hydrating Conditioner – seriously, it’s these mega wordy product names that make my posts so long, not the fact that I waffle on with shit and go off on tangents… The shampoo offers a lovely lather that my scalp so desperately craves.  It’s not strippy or overly moisturising, just light and fresh and does a great job of cleaning my dirty roots.  The scent is super fresh too and reminds me of that smell when you’ve washed your hair after a day at the beach and you leave it wet to cool your sun baked skin, there’s no more sand in your undies, you can sit back on the grass and enjoy your Golden Gaytime, and all seems right with the world.  It kind of smells like…TANGENTS!!

Right, sorry.  The conditioner is a dead set winner.  It smells of coconuts – not the squashed ant stink of some coconut products – but real coconuts.  It’s delicious.  I usually have to resort to hair masks to give my long and damaged ends the moisture they need, but this conditioner is really nourishing, without being thick or weighty.  It seems to keep my frizz under control, and a comb glides easily through my hair after washing.  I can usually get away with not using a leave in product, but of course, being a self diagnosed product junkie, I put something else in…

Hellooo hair serum.  A gorgeous one in fact, from Goldwell.  The Dualsenses Rich Repair 6 Effects Serumdon’t…was sent to me a little while ago, and I wanted to give it a decent workout before sharing my thoughts with you.  I have always thought of hair serums as being a quick fix for frizziness, that may or may not be a little bit too greasy.  I’m not an expert when it comes to hair, so I consulted someone who is – Abby from My Hair Care.  She writes an amazing blog for the online hair and beauty retailer, which you should check out if you’re looking for up to the minute advice and trends on all things hair (and beauty, but you know, you’ve got me, so…).  Anyway, when I say I ‘consulted’, I mean I trawled her blog for posts about hair serums and came across some great info (with her permission, of course)…

Hair serum is one of the most lauded products in the hair care industry. Its main purpose is to give shine to hair and also prevent knotting and tangling. At the same time, applying hair serum can provide your hair with a protective layer from the sun or other harsh environmental factors. One other reason why it is quite popular is due to the fact that its effects are long lasting – it can last until your next wash. It is a great product to use for frizzy and dry hair, as well as those damaged by chemical treatments such as colouring, perming, and heat styling.

In another post, Abby goes on to say that “It reduces hair breakage.  When hair is smooth and soft, there is less likelihood of strands breaking off when you comb or style them” and “It makes hair more easy to style. When the hair is soft and smooth, it is easy to style it however you want. This explains why hair styling experts always apply this product as part of the preparation for doing a wide range of hairstyles.”

So in skincare terms, it’s basically like a facial serum + SPF + primer + moisturiser.  Sounds like a bit of a must have to me, and after using the Goldwell serum for a couple of months I am convinced of the greatness that is hair serum.  Having said that, I don’t think all hair serums are created equally.  I think there a those that are just silicone in a bottle and do nothing more than superficially coat your hair for instant gratification, and those, like my Goldwell one, that actually have some extra care benefits akin to a facial serum, that also offer immediate results.

The 6 Effects Serum is a light cream, rather than an oil or gel, so it feels more like a leave in conditioning treatment, than a styling product – it’s technically both, so I suppose that makes sense.  It only pumps out a small amount each time, which is great for preventing heavy handedness, and perfect for those with short or fine hair.   My mane can take a good bit of product, so I start with about 6 pumps and add more if it need it.  This is the case whether my hair is wet or dry, or if I’m air drying or heat styling.  The serum works beautifully in all situations and is my preferred styling product when I’m curling my hair, as there’s no oily residue or weight to it, so you get lovely soft curls that stay put and don’t go frizzy.  It also smells super pretty.  Win Win Win!!!

These three products have definitely kept my hair in good condition, and probably improved it.  Tonia, my hairdresser can’t believe how well my long locks are doing and she barely has to trim anything off at my appointments, so it just keeps growing and growing – mermaid by Christmas?  Possibly.  Easter?  Absolutely.

Kind Beauty Points : Goldwell products are cruelty free and the brand is a Corporate Friend of the McGrath Foundation.  Organic Care is cruelty free, eco friendly and socially conscious – the kind beauty trifecta.

I was lucky enough to receive the Goldwell serum as a gift, but all opinions are my own.  Loveface has an ‘if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all’ policy, so if I don’t love it, you won’t see it here.