Hello my lovely and beautiful people who love lovely and beautiful people doing lovely and beautiful things for other lovely and beautiful people.  This week I’m letting you know how you can be one of those lovely and beautiful people too, by buying lovely and beautiful stuff for little lov… oh, I’m sick of that now… kids, for your kids, buy stuff for your kids to help other kids.   

Michael and Lindy Klim are at it again.  The fabulous duo behind Milk & Co, are having another donation drive to boost the support they already give to Brainwave Australia.  Throughout June they are passing on $1 from the sale of all 375ml bottles of Milk Baby Shampoozle & Conditioner and Bath Time Wash to their charity of choice.

Brainwave is Australia’s only charity supporting the families of children with neurological conditions including cerebral palsy, epilepsy, tumours and acquired brain injuries.  Brainwave was founded 21 years ago and is focused on reducing the impact of paediatric neurological conditions on families through practical assistance and emotional and financial support.

Michael Klim has been a Brainwave Patron for over a decade and  Lindy is a dedicated Brainwave Ambassador.  He was introduced to the charity by a doctor friend, and even before having their own children, the couple knew that this was an important initiative, essential for the patients and their families.  “I knew as soon as I walked into that room that I wanted to do everything I could to help, so it made sense when we started Milk & Co to nominate Brainwave as our major charity,”  Lindy said.  “They had smiles on their faces no matter what,” Michael adds.  “After leaving them I’d realise that many of the things I was facing really weren’t that bad.  Now, having three children, I realise how lucky we are that they are all healthy.  That makes us want to do even more.  Many of the children affected will require numerous operations and expensive equipment, so anything we can do to help is really important us.”


I’m a big fan of Milk & Co and their products, and use the baby range on my two little ratbags.  I’ve reviewed the Bath Time Wash, and I’m loving the way the Shampoozle & Conditioner keeps the girls’ hair soft and shiny.  The best part for me, however, is the smell.  It smells (fittingly) like Milkos.  Do you remember them?  Are they still around?  I just googled them, they’re still around.  You can get a 3kg value bag from Officeworks – same day delivery.  Sure, I’ll probably have lockjaw and need a root canal by Monday, but I’m willing to take that chewy, sweet, vanilla, but not sickly vanilla risk.  What’s that?  Baby milk, milk baby?  What?  Oh yeah, Milk Baby shampoo, it’s great.  Buy it.  Better still, buy it in June and help support Brainwave.

All money raised will help fund much needed programs including mobility and rehabilitation and ongoing therapies and family events which provide emotional support and promote social inclusion.

Pretty sure that’s all you need to know, so get shopping.  If you don’t have kids, buy it anyway, soak in a tub of Bath Time Wash, lather some Shampoozle & Conditioner on your head and work your way through your monster bag of Milkos.  Happy weekend Beauties!

Kind Beauty Points : In addition to the obvious, Milk & Co are also cruelty free and eco friendly.

All images provided by Milk & Co.