Following on from the previous post in which I declared my hatred for foaming cleansers, I thought it only polite to introduce you to their current creamy replacement and a couple of her gorgeous friends.

After such a satisfying experience with the Moreish Clay Mask Review, I felt it was pretty safe and sensible to try more from the Kiwi brand.  Having used up the dregs of a few random products, I was craving a bit of consistency, and to be honest, a nice collection of matching products that look pretty sitting on my shelf.  I’m a sucker for stylish packaging, and Moreish are definitely leading the way in the drugstore market.  Super sleek, yet practical bottles that look cool and minimalist in my otherwise shithouse old bathroom.  Fortunately what’s inside doesn’t disappoint either.

Gently persuaded by the pink 20% off signs at Pricey (I’m like a moth to a flame for those little suckers), I bought the Euphoria Cream Cleanser and Dream Night Cream – one of my girls was a little too enthusiastic whilst playing ‘cream’ one day and filled my jar of Sukin Night Cream up with water and proceeded to pour it all over the bathroom floor.  Instead of getting mad, I just took it as a sign to go shopping and buy new stuff.  Continuing to buy new stuff was what I did the very next day too, as both those products were so beautiful that I also needed to add the Glory Serum to the mix.  The appreciation from my face was overwhelming.  I had bought her presents and she was more than grateful.

As part of Operation Clear Skin, restoring balance to my facial dermis was integral to the plan.  Foaming cleansers were proving to be problematic, so returning to the gentle and comforting feel of a cream cleanser was a must.  The Euphoria cleanser is packed with delicious oils to massage into your skin for a delicate yet effective cleanse.  Like all cream, oil or balm cleansers, I like to remove this one with a warm face washer to make sure there’s no residue left on my skin and I get the best clean possible.  It’s a hangover from my foaming cleanser dependent days, but without the resulting angry, unbalanced skin.  Since I’ve been wearing makeup again, I find that I do need my new favourite product, the Sukin Micellar Water Review, to give me a ‘final rinse’, just to remove any stubborn mascara or eye makeup.  I think I’ve developed an addiction to it actually and would probably feel the need to use it after any cleanser or even if my makeup was water blasted off – it’s just so freaking awesome.

Now if I’ve told you once on this blog, I’ve told you, I dunno, maybe five times, that when it comes to skincare, serums (and maybe masks), are where it’s at for getting the most out of your face.  They are the hard workers, getting all their good shit into your cranky skin and making it your very best friend again – often instantaneously.  Never mind how fabulous the Glory Serum feels on your face or how immediately plumped up your skin looks, the ingredient list is out of this world and gives this product nerd quite the beauty boner.

Now I’d like to take this moment to share a little story.  I just wrote the word ‘boner’ and immediately thought, ‘Mum’s going to read this and ask me what a boner is’.  I know this because she’s asked me such awkward questions in the past, like, “Kate, I keep calling people ‘wankers’, but I don’t really know what that means”.  “It’s what boys do by themselves” I said, and quickly ran away.  So, Mum, a ‘boner’ is what boys get when they are being ‘wankers’.  I have used it in this context as a comical way to express my excitement.  I’m running away now…

Back to the serum and all that beauty boner inducing goodness.  I won’t go into ingredient detail, but let’s just say this serum isn’t for the oily among us.  It is full of beautiful oils, beeswax, manuka honey and mango butter in a deliciously rich blend to feed dehydrated, dry and winter ravaged skin.  Mine, for one, is loving it sick.  Sometimes I just wear it on its own, the rest of the time I chuck a bit of moisturiser on top.  I rub two pumps into my face and neck, taking it up around my eyes too.  If you can’t be stuffed with an eye cream, this is a quick alternative for hydrating and nourishing that area.  You’ll be surprised how many fine lines (caused by dehydration) disappear as a result.

The Dream Night Cream satisfies my skin both night and day.  With the change of season, my skin crapped itself and went all ‘manic spotty raisin’ on me.  Thankfully I got onto this beautiful, vitamin C rich moisturiser to calm it the f*ck down and keep it hydrated.  I use it every night with the serum, and on particularly dry mornings, when the serum alone is not enough.  I usually just slap it on anyway because it’s just so delicious.  OK, so I’ve use the term ‘delicious’ to describe each of these products, but it’s just so accurate.  It perfectly sums up how it feels when I use them.  Having an aversion to overly perfumed skincare means that subtle and delicately fragranced ranges like Moreish, make my senses and often sensitive skin, very happy and content.  The gorgeous creamy textures only add to the comforting experience and make my time in the bathroom an absolute pleasure – even with two mini mes going through my stuff while getting all soggy and mental.

It seems like a good idea to use products made in New Zealand during the winter months.  Their weather is so conducive to using rich, buttery, nourishing formulas all year round, you can be rest assured you’re feeding your skin properly with all that Kiwi goodness.  They also do natural skincare so bloody well, especially when they pack in the Manuka honey.  That shit is the bomb.  So if your face is experiencing the life-sucking effects of the cold, dry air, get some Moreish on it and thank me later.

Kind Beauty Points : Cruelty free, eco friendly, natural.  You can buy Moreish from Priceline through Shopnate, and help out your favourite charity.