Whether you’re heading into summer, like we are in Australia, or you’re about to rug up and prepare for snuggle weather, an SPF is essential for keeping your skin protected from incidental sun exposure.  It just so happens that I’ve found a fantasic hand bag friendly sunscreen and it’s 100% natural.  Bonus.

Being a beauty blogger, it’s kind of essential that I try lots of different brands and products, so that I actually have something to write about.  If, however, I could only choose one skin care brand, that was in my price range and easily available, I would probably go with Antipodes.  I’ve got my Mum onto it and she’s very loyal.  I love going to stay at her house because she’s always got a new serum or moisturiser for me to have a sneaky try of, and I leave her place with really lovely skin as a result.  She now has a beautiful signature scent from her Antipodes products, that fills her home with a warm and comforting aroma, and gets left behind on my daughters’ skin after she’s cuddled them, which I absolutely love.  Her skin looks bloody fantastic too.

I was a bit excited to see the Immortal SPF 15 in her bathroom drawer, as I was hesitant to purchase it myself having had a bad experience with a few natural sun protectors – except for the Oasis one, and although I’m yet to try it, the Eco Tan coconut one is meant to be pretty fabulous too.  So anyway, I got stuck into it.  Little bit, long way, you know the drill.  No fragrance, good.  Not shiny, even better.  Only two things stopped me from calling this the perfect natural sunscreen, however there are very good reasons for them.

Firstly, there is the tiniest hint of whiteness.  Now, I am being completely and utterly pedantic about this, but if I’m going to give a thorough review of the product, then we have to acknowledge it.  Natural sunscreens contain zinc oxide.  It’s the ingredient that forms a physical barrier between you and the sun and protects you from it’s burning evil rays by deflecting them.  It also throws a bit of a white cast across your skin, which is varying in visibility from brand to brand.  The Antipodes Immortal is at the very light, almost transparent end of the spectrum. If your SPF doesn’t contain zinc oxide (or titanium dioxide), then chances are it’s a chemical sunscreen, which protects you by absorbing the rays and is usually completely invisible.  Those of us who are trying to steer clear of unnatural ingredients, will want to opt for a physical sunscreen, so finding one that has the least amount of whiteness is our goal, unless of course you like that whole ‘cricket player in the 90s look’, then by all means whack some Pink Zinc on your snoz.  No judgement.

The other area where chemical sunscreens seem to dominate their physical counterparts, is in the thickness stakes.  Mecca Cosmetica absolutely rule the chemical sunscreen game with lighter than light, completely invisible (except for the intentionally tinted) face and body sun products.  It’s really difficult for a natural sunscreen to compete with products like these, as they are designed to sit on top of the skin, rather than sinking in.  Immortal however, comes pretty close to perfect.  Sure, it’s not the same as a light moisturiser or lotion, as you can definitely feel it when you first apply, but it’s comfortable and in no time you forget you’re even wearing it.  The fact that there is a slight (and I mean slight) film on the skin actually makes it a great primer under foundation as it grabs onto your makeup, with the added benefit of sun protection being a fabulous skin saving bonus.

The sunscreen comes beautifully packaged in a tube, making it a great option for on-the-go protection and touch ups.  I love it on my arms and chest as it doesn’t feel greasy or have a strong smell like a lot of body sunscreens.   It’s also perfect for the kids.  Now that we are cyclists and outdoor types, it’s essential for us to protect our skin from the burning devil that is the Australian sun.  Infused with hydrating hyaluronic acid and brimming with antioxiants, this is not just any old SPF, which is great, because at almost $50, it ain’t cheap.  The great thing is that Priceline often have generous sales and offers on the Antipodes range, making it a much more affordable treat for your skin’s health and beauty.  After spending so many years in retail, where I was spoiled with staff discount, I just hate paying full price for stuff now, and if that makes me a scab, then so be it.  All hail Bargainia, Queen of the Scabs!  Sorry, I need to get out of the house.

Check out the other reviews for more Antipodes products that float my boat (here and here), and keep an eye out for promotions on the range at Priceline.  If you love products that are perfumed with their own natural active ingredients and not some synthetic bullshit that makes your eyes water and gets up your nose, then you’ll absolutely love this earthy and nurturing skin care brand from New Zealand.  Let me know if you have any favourites from Antipodes that you think I should try next.

Kind Beauty Points : Antipodes is cruelty free, eco friendly and natural.  The brand also supports World Wide Fund for Nature, New Zealand. You can buy Antipodes from Priceline through Shopnate, and help out your favourite charity.