Winter is killing me.  Not literally of course.  Not in a ‘winter is coming, everyone is gonna die’ Game of Thrones kind of way.  It’s just wreaking major havoc with my skin, killing my confidence and my selfie game.  There aren’t enough filters in the world to fix the mess that is my face at the moment.

All melodramatic First World problems aside, my skin has blown out with sensitivity, dehydration and complete epidermal imbalance, leaving it red, bumpy and itchy.  The stress of which is only adding hives to the mix, which is super annoying and irritating.  In the heat of the ‘what the f*ck is going on?!’ moment, I made some stupid decisions that went against my knowledge and better judgement and only added fuel to the fire burning under my skin.  I thought that trying to rip my face off with overly strippy, chemical laced products was the way to just ‘start fresh’.  What?!  Who is this?  It was like my brain had been taken over by some back street beauty villain with an oversupply of outdated chemicals, desperate to unload their shit onto vulnerable victims looking for a ‘bit of resurfacing’.  “I can assure you they’re safe.  They’re hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested.  You may experience a burning sensation with associated redness but that’s just normal.  Also here’s a free puppy.  Mwaaahaahaahaa.”  Hmm.  My inner villain is a turd and unsurprisingly my skin got way worse.

I’m now treating it with TLC and rather than exfoliating, I’m re-hydrating in an attempt to restore facial equilibrium.  I’ll let you know more about what I used and how I fixed the problem once the problem has actually been fixed.  In the meantime, focusing my attentions on kind and gentle skin solutions refreshed my memory about a beautiful natural skincare brand that I meant to tell you about ages ago.  Flight Skincare is the result of Kym Jakovich’s search for clean, green, nourishing products inspired by the elements of ocean, earth and air.  Her goal was to create a range to nurture the skin and make you feel loved – she succeeded.

I bought the Discover Me Kit because I love to try lots of little things from the same brand without having to commit to full sized products.  This collection had pretty much everything except for a serum – milk cleanser, day cream, night cream, facial polish and mask (the updated selection includes an eye cream instead of the mask).  All carefully formulated to provide a super gentle and nourishing treat for all skin types, including the most sensitive.  This is probably the most delicate skin care range I have ever used with the stand outs for me being the day cream and facial polish.

The cleanser is lovely, very fluid and milky, with the most delicious soft floral scent.  Appropriately named ‘Sheer Luxury‘, the texture and soft caress of this milk cleanser creates the most beautiful experience for removing the stresses of the day.  If you’re a heavy makeup wearer, this may not be enough for you, but if your skin is tired of stripping cleansers that want to rip your face off, then you might like this for a massive change.  The Soft White Gentle Facial Polish continues with the same caring approach, behaving very differently to normal face scrubs and exfoliators.  Super fine granules of ground walnut shell and jojoba beads softly remove any scaly bits off your face, while the creamy base allows for a comforting massage and an extra boost of moisture.  It’s like tiny little skin pixies are delicately sweeping away your rough stuff with silky bristled little brooms.  Absolutely delightful.  With my recent exfoliating attempts failing miserably and leaving my skin in a right awful state, this is about as scrubby as I’ll go from now on.

You know how much I love a night cream, often using them both morning and night, ignoring all day creams, further reinforcing the beauty rebel that I am.  Well, while the Pure Nourishing Night Cream is lovely, it’s the Silk Protein Hydrating Day Cream that really floated my boat this time, and boy am I a fan.  Of all the moisturisers I have tried since writing the blog, this one has been my absolute favourite.  The texture, the smell, the hydration, everything about it is just perfection for my skin.  Rich enough to satisfy my ‘night cream addict’ demands, yet light enough to sit beautifully under makeup during the day, this moisturiser didn’t even need a serum underneath to give me that nourished, comfortable, balanced and hydrated feel, that I crave in a product.  I give the Flight day cream a full on monster truck recommendation.  You won’t be disappointed if you give this wonder a go.

The other product in the set was the mask, which is one of those ‘mix it up yourself’ deals, which I am totally shit at, so I just used it as a face scrub when I ran out of the polish.  The updated set now comes with an eye cream instead, which is way more interesting to me so I might have to give it a go, along with all the fabulous sounding serums that Kym has on offer.  The Floating Hydration Serum sounds like heaven to me, provided the jasmine in it behaves itself on my skin.

If you have temperamental skin or just like using luxurious natural products that will only ever love you and never cause you harm, then you might like to try Flight Skincare.  The products would also make a really beautiful gift as they suit all skin types and the packaging is clean and stylish.  If you would like to make up a pretend celebration so you can buy them for me, that would be great, as Christmas and my birthday are yonks away.  Merci.

Kind Beauty Points : Cruelty free, natural, eco friendly.

I took this photo when I first received the products.  It features the Beauty Tea which doesn’t seem to be available anymore.  It was super yummy.

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