Coming to an inbox near you (yours to be specific), is the first Loveface monthly newsletter, and it’s all about YOU! 

Yes, I want to hear from you each month and then I want to share it with this lovely little community of kind beauties and cool women.  I want to answer your questions about skincare, makeup, body image, farts, health, blogging, music, family, anything.  Feel free to ask me the most intimate personal questions and I’ll choose to answer you truthfully or quite possibly in a subtly sarcastic way, leaving you confused and slightly uncomfortable.  I also want you to tell me all about your funny/sad/inspirational/mentally unstable experiences, either loud and proud or under a pseudonym (feel free to come up with something hilarious – swear words accepted, nay, encouraged).

I want to create something that you look forward to receiving each month and get excited about reading.  That’s why I want you to have ultimate control over the content.  What I’m most proud of since beginning this blog nearly two years ago, is the incredible community of women who stop by for a read and a share.  Those of you who have made yourself known by commenting here and on my social media thingys, confirm that I am reaching my target audience of smart, open minded, kind and compassionate human beings.  I might crap on about some frivolous fluff sometimes, but you all seem to pick up on the underlying message and sentiment.  And I bloody love you for that.

But enough gushing for now, let’s get to the free shit!  Yes, each month one of you will win a beautiful gift from me.  The letter or question of the month will receive a package of cruelty free beauty as a token of my gratitude.  All you have to do is subscribe and then email your thoughts to  I will then choose a selection for the newsletter, which will of course include the month’s winner.  This month you are playing for a collection of products from one of the most ethical, kind beauty brands on the planet, Thankyou.  The pack, which is ideal for germophobes, includes a Body Wash, Hand Wash, jumbo Hand Sanitiser and a little bubby one for your handbag.

Remember…there are no stupid questions, only stupid people.  So get subscribing and writing!  I can’t wait to hear from you.

Gifts can only be posted within Australia.