I got to do my thang last weekend.  With three different women.  It was awesome.

My ‘thang’, sorry, my ‘thing’, is makeup, you pervs, and I get the chance to paint faces every now and then when someone can watch the kids.  I love it because it allows me to play properly with new products that I might not get the chance to put on myself, as I don’t really go out much anymore…except to pity parties, obviously.  It also scratches my creative itch and the need for adult conversation.  One can only sing the alphabet song and count to 15 so many times in one day.

Anyhoo, I was recently sent some lovely makeup from Physicians Formula to try.  I’ll be honest with you, I’ve never tried the brand before, but I am aware that they are cruelty free, so they have been on my radar.  I was just lucky that they got to me first and I received a box full of glamorous treats, a few of which I’ll tell you about now…you’ll have to wait for the bronzers and mascara though, ’cause I’m a tease like that.

I’m going to start with my favourite, and a product that I would list as a ‘Makeup Bag Essential’ and ‘Multi Purpose Wonder’, and that I lovingly refer to as ‘Shiny McShine, The Highlighting Genius’.

I was a powder snob for a number of years, believing that only the most expensive brands had pressed and loose powder products, worthy of my attention.  However, as I started to see those brands launching products that were well below their usual standard – less pigmented, chunky particles, too talcy and really shit to blend – my faith in fancy makeup and let’s face it, humanity, started to dwindle and fade.  It’s because of this that I’m reluctant to buy powder products online without being able to try them for myself.  I really have to stick my finger in something to see if it’s going to satisfy me (sshh, pervs).  Knowing how good a powder has the potential to be, I am really fussy about what I buy for myself, but more importantly, what I use on my clients.  It’s 2015, for glamour’s sake, there is absolutely no need for chalky makeup.

So, where was I?  Oh yeah, my favourite product.  The highlighter.  So with all this fussiness about powders, I was so giddy with excitement and sparkly happiness, when I got stuck into this little box of magic.  The (how’s this for a mouthful) Shimmer Strip All-in-1 Custom Nude Palette for Face & Eyes in Natural Nude highlighting powder, surprised my knickers right off.  I have seen cute little things like this over the years and they’ve all fallen short of useable, let alone adequate or god forbid, decent.  This shiny gem, however, is packed with creamy, highly pigmented, superfine pressed highlighting powders, in all the nudiest nude shades you could ever need.  From shimmering white to chocolatey bronze, each colour can be used individually or you can swish your brush across part or all of the palette for a customised sheen for your face or eyes.

I used them individually to highlight my clients’ eyes.  I like to use a shade that is lighter, but in a similar tone to the colour of their skin for the inner eye, or ‘tear duct bit’, to create a subtle brightening effect, rather than drawing all the attention to that area with a glowing blob of strobing white light, that makes for awkward eye contact.  I also like to use the same colour on the very middle of the lid to open the eyes up and bring the focus closer to the actual eye, and not just the makeup.  The shades in this palette are just brilliant for doing this, creating a harmonious effect for a naturally glamorous look.  A little dab of product is all you need, without having to spend ages blending it in, making this a fantastic investment for both newbs and experienced makeup artistes.

If you are new to using makeup, my advice is to invest in the best quality (not necessarily the most expensive) products you can find, including brushes.  If your products can do most of the work for you, then you’ll feel more confident about using them and you’ll enjoy the process of making yourself up even more.

The other products I tried, were the Nude Wear Glowing Nude Powder in Medium and Nude Wear Glowing Nude Blush in Natural, both designed to impart a barely there finish for a natural complexion.  The powder is fantastic, giving a similar soft focus effect to the Nude By Nature Finishing Powder, just with a bit more colour and glow, making it a perfect alternative for evening makeup.  (How many times can I write ‘nude’ in this paragraph by the way?).  The addition of a bit of sneaky silicone gives the skin a smooth, silky look, and leaving out the talc, means that the coverage is light, but still very even.  The colour blend was suitable for all my ladies’ complexions and didn’t alter the foundation shade at all.  It just set it and added a lovely luminous finish.


I tried it myself yesterday on bare skin, no foundation.  I was in a hurry to go get mah hurr did, done, my hair done, sorry, and so I just swished a bit on.  Although I felt far from made up, I did feel a bit more polished and even toned and it was super quick and easy.  I reckon if you like to have a compact on hand for touch ups, especially if you’re an oily gal, then this is a fabulous choice.  You can’t really overdo it, so even if you’re pissed as a mute on a night (or day) out, you can just blindly brush this baby all over your face (if you can find it), and feel confident in the knowledge that although your dress is probably tucked into your undies and you’re dragging half a roll of toilet paper out the door with you, at least your base looks fresh and sober.

Same goes with the blush.  You cannot overdo it with this little pretty maker.  This is not a highly pigmented blush, because it’s not supposed to be.  It just adds a very natural flush to the cheeks so you don’t look completely flat and washed out.  If you are wanting a stronger cheek colour, I would suggest using a cream blush first, and then setting it with this one, adding a bit of extra dimension to your face and also making your cream product last a bit longer.  The colour of the powder isn’t enough to mess with your cream blush, but will slightly intensify it with a soft rosy glow.  I would absolutely recommend this to any first time blush users – cheeks are pretty important in the whole ‘not looking dead’ scheme of things – but each to their own, you know.  Also if you’re a heavy handed kinda lady, then learn to pull it back a bit with this little champ and practice a bit self control, why don’t you.

A handy hint for using these products out and about, is to get yourself a retractable blush/powder/bronzer/whatever brush, as it’s going to give you a better application than a puff or spongey thing.  It’s also more hygienic, as it’s easier to clean and doesn’t hold onto as much product as a filthy little powder puff.

After passing by Physicians Formula in Priceline so many times because the packaging was a bit too girly for my liking, based on the quality of these products, I’m definitely going to let that slide and check out more from them.  These powders are all paraben free, and they seem to offer more talc free powders and some organic products too.  The whole range is geared towards sensitive skin solutions, so don’t be afraid to give them a go if you’re face is a bit fussy.  I’m a little bit excited to try the bronzers and mascara I was given too, as I’m sure they’ll warrant another rave review.  Let me know if you’ve tried Physicians Formula and what you thought of them.  We can maybe start a really cool fan club.

Kind Beauty Points: Physicians Formula is cruelty free and offers a range of organic products.  You can buy the brand from Priceline through Shopnate, and help out your favourite charity.

I was lucky enough to receive these products as a gift, but all opinions are my own.  Loveface has an ‘if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all’ policy, so if I don’t love it, you won’t see it here.