Pastel hair is cool as shit right now.  If you’re scared to embrace the trend for fear of looking like double entendre slinging, Mrs Slocombe from Are You Being Served, then you needn’t worry your pretty little heads, because I’ve got you covered.  Just sit back, relax and stroke your pussies while I give you the run down on getting some lovely pink bits.  (Apologies to anyone under 35 who is completely baffled by this paragraph – go ask an elder).

I have grey hair.  I’m 39 years old and not yet ready to embrace it.  I also have two three year old children and therefore little time for root maintenance (both kinds).  The closest colour to grey is blonde and for this reason, I am blonde and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.  For someone who has a history of changing their hair colour frequently, this has become a little boring.  Don’t get me wrong, I have the best blonde because my hairdresser Tonia is a legend, but even she understands the need for a bit of jazzy fun hair times, and recommended some easy ways for me to shake things up.

I’ll start with the subtle approach.  Pink shampoo.  Brite Organix is one of the best things to happen to my grocery run, and their range of fun hair colour products is continually growing.  They are cruelty free, eco friendly, socially conscious and all their stuff is vegan.  Even their label states ‘Ethical Hair Colour’.  They’re awesome and if you’re wanting to dip your toes into the pastel hair craze, then you need look no further than the Make Me Pastel Pink Shampoo (there is also a pastel purple version).  Used on its own (not with the matching conditioner), the pink shampoo will give you a ‘whisper’ of pastel baby pink in cool blonde hair.  Warmer or yellow toned blondes will notice a slightly peachy shade.  Either way, it’s very subtle and won’t make you freak out at your reflection.  This is a great option if you need to keep your hair ‘work appropriate’ because your bosses, and society in general, are a bunch of uptight wankers.

If you want to take things a little further and rock some noticeably pink locks, then buddy that shampoo up with the Make Me Pastel Pink Conditioner.  This is the money shot for super easy pastel pink hair that you might want to play with over a weekend or if you’re lucky enough to get away with at your day job.  If you have highlighted hair, this is obviously going to grab onto your lighter blonde strands where it will appear more vibrant.  You don’t get an overall even coverage if you don’t have the even base to start with.  Don’t worry though because the variation in intensity creates a beautiful blend of colours that makes it less likely to look like you’re wearing a costume wig.  Also, the longer you leave either of these products on your hair, the more intense the result will be.  In my hair, which is a blend of pale creamy blonde, and warm, but not gold, caramel highlights, these colours fade to a really pretty peach after two washes with normal shampoo and conditioner. If you’re concerned with their ability to effectively wash and condition your hair, don’t worry, the fact that they are colour products does not affect their efficacy and they are in fact really beautiful to use even on very dry hair.

brite 2

OK, next product.  Let me take you back to my first, and subsequent experiences with De Lorenzo Nova Fusion shampoos.  I was having a blonde period a few years back and needed a toning shampoo, so off I went to get the usual purple stuff.  I can’t quite remember how or why, but I left the store with a Beige Blonde shampoo instead.  It was a beautiful balance of cool and warm which worked well on foiled hair.  It cut the rawness of freshly bleached hair to make it look more natural, blending the lighter roots, where the hair is newer, with the colour drenched ends.  The beige darkened the whiter highlights, which I really liked as it worked better with my skin tone and made me feel less Barbie.  This colour is a great alternative for blondes who are looking to change things up in a less obvious and more natural looking way.  If you have some brassiness that needs toning, but you want to add depth and not ash, then I recommend a blend of two parts Beige Blonde and one part Violet.  Be sure to mix it well between the palms of your hands, before shampooing in as evenly as you can.  With colour build up, your ends can become a little more golden over time, so if this is the case, apply the Violet straight to those parts first, then shampoo the colour blend over the whole hair.  This is a fabulous combination for grey hair too.

From blonde I then went bright red.  It was amazing and I loved it.  My eyes and my skin tone have never looked better than they did with red hair.  The maintenance however, was brutal.  Roots needed to be done every 2 weeks, though even sooner would have been better.  Still, I enjoyed the hell out of it while I had it, and the De Lorenzo shampoos helped to maintain the colour intensity and stopped the usual fading that comes with having such a vibrant shade.  I can’t remember exactly which colour I used, but they have a brilliant range of six different red tones to suit pretty much every shade of ranga – from Fanta Pants to RiRi 2010.  The only down side is that your shower looks like the elevator from The Shining and you have to be quick to wash it off white tiles, lest they turn pink.  Still, worth it.

So now on to today’s shampoo.  I went in to get my old faithful blend of Beige Blonde and Violet, as I thought I was done with pastel hair.  Being an excruciatingly indecisive spazmo, I let the sales assistant guide me in a different direction and ended up with Rosewood, a violet, pastel rosewoody shade for blondes.  My gut feeling was that I’d made a mistake and although the result wasn’t what I had expected, I really flippin’ liked it.  I first used it on freshly coloured hair and only left it on for the shortest time.  Just a lather and rinse, no waiting time.  The lighter highlights picked up the violet-pink and the darker hair was cooled, with more depth.  Whereas the Brite Pastel Pink range is going to work with the gold in your hair to create peach, the Rosewood tones it with the subtlest hint of ash.  Fantastic if you want that pastel purple look without looking like you should be riding your mobility scooter to the RSL to spend your old age pension on bingo and shandies.  Having said that, this too is fabulous if your greys are coming through and you want to modernise your colour.  All these pastel shampoos are amazing for blending ashy grey roots, so you can stretch out your time between hair appointments.  Just experiment with developing times with this one as it will grab a bit more that the Brite products and give you a longer lasting tint.  When it washes out, the lighter strands keep their cool, ever so violet shade, while the warmer caramels fade to a pretty cool peach.  It’s a beautiful effect.

brite 3

Now if all of this sound a little too safe and you wanna know where the serious party hair is at, then let me take you back to the supermarket.  Brite Organix have everything you need for mermaid-fairy-rainbow -unicorn hair, from one-day hair colours to semi permanents.  Tonia put me onto the Hair Shadows and I discovered a really easy and much cleaner way to use them, while still getting a fabulous result.  I’m not gonna lie, they are messy, but if you want to wear your pink hair and white dress too, then there is a way. Firstly, if you have hair past your shoulders, do this in the nude, drape an old towel around you or wear something you don’t mind ruining.  Then take a small section of your hair and place it between the shadow and your fingers where you want the colour to begin (roots if you’re doing it all over or further down the hair if you want more of a balayage or dip dyed effect).  Then glide it down the length of your hair.  You can just do a few pieces here and there, or cover your whole head.  I usually just do the ends with a few finer strands around my face.  You can comb it through to disperse the shadow a bit or just leave it in sections.   Once you’ve done that, you can just leave it, granted though, you will get that shit everywhere, or just jump in the shower and wash it.  Ideally you’d use the pink shampoo as this will lock in the vibrancy and blend un-shadowed parts in quite nicely, but a normal shampoo won’t dilute the intensity too much either.  The trick here is to use a really rich conditioner, as the hair shadow can be rather drying.

My favourite everyday conditioner is the Organic Care Dry Nourish Ultra Hydrating Conditioner.  It’s cheap as chips, readily available in your supermarket and is the most hydrating, detangling and softening conditioner I have ever used.  Ever.  Another product that I am absolutely loving right now, especially since I’m playing around with extra colour, is the Hair & Me Hair Rejuvenation Treatment.  This stuff is amazebangers and smells like summer on your head and in your bathroom.  It’s a blend of 100% organic coconut, macadamia, jojoba and almond oils, which you could probably just rub anywhere on your body for a deliciously nourishing treat, but I’m yet to try it for that.  What I have been using it for is my hair, obviously.  Being a stuck stay at home mum, not only can I get away with wearing my pajamas all day, but I can whack an oily hair treatment in my locks, tie it in a bun for the day and go to bed like that until I feel like washing it out.  Which is exactly how I use the Hair & Me treatment.  It actually doesn’t look that bad, it just looks like it’s still a bit damp or you’ve got a bit of styling product in because you want to look ’80s Wall Street slick’ that day.  Taking that dreamy island holiday scent around with you all day is just another bonus to this glorious product.  Oh, and then there’s the bit when you wash it out, blow dry your hair, and ta-da, you have insanely beautiful hair that is as healthy and shiny as a green smoothie guzzling, clean eater with a strobing addiction and too much time on their hands.  #blessed

So there you have it, my guide to getting pastel hair in the comfort of your own bathroom.  Please share any of your own tips, tricks or favourite hair products with us, or ask me any more questions by leaving a comment.  Thank you too, for being patient with me since my last post.  I know it’s been a few weeks since I put up something new, but that was a tricky one to follow and just needed a little breathing room.  The discussion that it stirred up here, and on my social media pages was amazing and beautifully encouraging.  Thank you for all the lovely love.

Kind Beauty Points : Brite Organix is PETA certified cruelty free, vegan, eco friendly and has ethical production practices.  Hair & Me is cruelty free and 100% organic.

I was lucky enough to receive the Hair & Me Treatment as a gift, but all opinions are my own.  Loveface has an ‘if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all’ policy, so if I don’t love it, you won’t see it here.


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