Big lips?  I’ve got ’em, and yes, they’re great.  Only thing is, the bigger the surface area, the more susceptible they are to the elements, and the worse they seem to show the damage.

I keep them hydrated and protected with my trusty Sukin and Madara lip balms, but they have demanded a lot more attention of late, so I’ve treated them to some new products.

Firstly, you can’t expect all of your lovely balms and moisturisers to do their best work if chunky dry bits are in the way of deserving new skin, patiently waiting to experience their first kiss…that’s a bit cute when you think about it.  So just like the rest of your face, lips love a good exfoliation.  Now, not all lip scrubs and exfoliants are created equally.  Some are just a lip balm with a few scratchy bits in them, that dissolve on contact and do bugger all.  Sure, you don’t want to rip your delicate skin off either (I eventually learned my lesson after a few too many raw lipped moments with disposable mascara wands…who does that?), but you do need some grit.

A recent impulse purchase at Lush, has turned out to be an amazing saviour for my crusty, dry smackers.  The Mint Julips Lip Scrub was a last minute addition to my collection of old favourites, and a product I’d been meaning to try for yonks.  It’s a little jar of scrubby goodness, chock full of exfoliating sugar, compacted into soothing jojoba oil.  You just take the tiniest scoop of the sweet minty concoction, and rub it gently…or as hard as you can in my case…all over your lips and around your mouth – don’t forget that bit, as it is often neglected, but is one of the first parts of the face to show damage.  Keeping it in good condition helps your lip colours wear better and lips look fuller and softer.

Hot tip : I have found that with the fine lines above my top lip, removing the fair downy hair can make them more noticeable.  I now prefer to leave the little bit of peach fuzz and bleach any rude darker ones.  This just gives the area a bit of ‘soft focus’ treatment by gently blurring the lines.  If however, you have a bit more witchy poo action going on with your lady mo’, then by all means, rip that shit off.

So, upper lip, bit obsessed.  Starting to look like I’ve been smoking/sucking straws/whistling/extreme duck facing, for weeks on end.  I haven’t been doing any of those things though, honest.  I sometimes think my little lines are from kissing my babies too much, and if that’s the case, then may my mouth forever look like a wrinkly cat’s bum.  Honestly though, it’s no biggie, but when you are a fan of bright lipstick and your pucker is your best feature, then you want to do all you can to keep it looking good.

I got sucked in by a label again recently, but I’m very happy to have fallen into Puretopia’s little word trap.  The Pert and Plump Lip Cream does exactly the same job as the Perricone MD Lip Plumper, for $40 less.  I used to love the latter for filling in the ridges on my lips and smoothing the feathery lines around them.  Neither product is an irritating puff maker, like those ones that are laced with burning and reactive ingredients to plump up your lips – funny story, when I worked for Mecca Cosmetica, I decided to try all the lip plumpers we had on offer, one after the other.  My lips were on fire by the end of it and instead of subtly bee stung, I looked like I was in need of an Epipen after sticking my lips in a wasp nest.  So sure, while those work, when used as directed, I’ll stick to the gentle ones thank you very much.  Puretopia’s version is a light, milky gel cream, that I love to massage around my whole mouth area, paying particular attention to my upper lip.  I give that bit a pretty good rub and end up with a much better looking pout.  It also gives a lovely smooth foundation for your lip colours to sit on, or for your balms to work deeper.

My favourite part of my current beauty ritual, is my new lip facial.  After licking off the excess sugar from the Lush Lip Scrub (they tell you to do that, I’m not being weird), and rubbing in the Puretopia Lip Cream, I finish off with my Sukin or Madara lip balms and feel like kissing everybody.  I get so excited by the results after each use, that I go up to poor Husbo, puckered up, and say, “How good do my lips look?  They’re so pouty, don’t you think?”.  He was excited for me too at first, but the novelty has worn off for him now.  Not for me though, I’m all over it, so if you’ll excuse me…

Kind Beauty Points : Both Puretopia and Lush are cruelty free and eco friendly.  Lush source ingredients through Ethical Buying and love a bit of activism.