You know I loves me a bit of Thankyou action.  The body, food and water brand is probably the most socially conscious enterprise you could find in the retail space.  Definitely the kindest brand available at your local supermarket.  With proceeds going towards funding water, food and hygiene projects around the globe, it’s exciting to see there are more products we can buy to support this amazing life changing movement.

I recently picked up a few new beauties from their personal care range, and I continue to buy their food items on a weekly basis (the nut bars are the best for peeps with low blood sugar and fast metabolisms).  Now that I’m back in the makeup game, I needed a hand sanitiser for my kit, and what better way to promote the Kind Beauty ethos, than pulling out a little bottle of antibacterial awesomeness by the kindest in the biz.  The Thankyou Hand Sanitiser is, of course, alcohol based, but that smell dies down pretty quickly to reveal a subtle minty freshness that lingers on the hands and doesn’t get up clients’ noses.  It is available in two sizes, a 250ml bottle for at home sanitising, and a little baby 50ml for hygiene on the go.  You can feel comforted that while you are obsessing over your own germ busting cleanliness, you are also helping others to learn about, and receive, basic hygiene that we all take for granted.

Continuing with the clean theme, Thankyou have also added two body washes to their repertoire.  Slightly richer than the scent of the hand wash, the Botanical Sweet Orange and Almond Body Wash is lightly fragranced to produce a warm, nutty, herbal aroma that lingers in your bathroom after a hot shower.  It reminds me of a classic dark rum and citrus cocktail – something smooth and premium mixed with Cointreau, as opposed to Bundy and Fanta.  Free from sulphates, these shower gels don’t strip your skin or dry it out, and used with a puff or sponge, a little bit goes a foamy long way.  My favourite, for a few reasons, is the Botanical Mint and Spring Flower Body Wash.  It wakes you all the way up in the morning with a ‘fresher than the Prince of Bel Air’ minty aroma that leaves your senses tingling.  Speaking of tingling, just be careful (or not), of using this on your lady bits.  It’s like going commando and doing a Marilyn over a grate that’s blowing icy cold air.  I can’t work out if it makes me uncomfortable or it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me in the shower…anyway, before I get a bit TMI, just know that I really like this body wash.  That is all.

Kind Beauty Points : Cruelty free, natural, eco friendly, vegan friendly and super socially conscious.

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