It may be a big call, but I think this could be my favourite nail colour of all time, or maybe it’s just because purple is the new everything for me right now.  Nails, lips, eyes, accessories, clothes.  I’ll have it all in purple please.

I think it’s because purple is so universally flattering, especially when it’s neon, and shot with a bit of fuchsia.  Which is exactly what bethatgirl Nail Colour from Australis is.  It was hard to capture the true colour of it in these photos.  It is more like the shoes in the first shot, but super bright.  As a former florist, I would equate it to the intense colour in a purple Singapore Orchid.  Even the product shot on the brand website doesn’t do it justice, so have a look at this snap on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, to get a better idea.

As for the product itself, I was so pleasantly surprised at the quality of the nail polish, given the very low price tag.  These ‘drugstore’ budget brands have reformed me, and I’m no longer a snob when it comes to fun colour items such as nail polish, eye liners, mascaras and lip products.  My nose still remains somewhat in the air when it comes to complexion products though, mainly due to my aversion to silicone and filler ingredients, not to mention colour choice, which is often limited with low end ranges.  Enough about that, though, back to the nail polish.  I applied two coats of the creamy textured polish, which gave me a solid, even and streak free finish.  Being highly pigmented, you don’t need to apply much at once, allowing it to dry really quickly so you can move on to the second layer, and then a top coat.  Pretty fool proof really.


For me, this colour can look like crazy fun or super sophistication, depending on what you wear it with.  I love it as an alternative to a classic red, worn with simple gold rings or other jewel tones.  It would suit both a ten year old or an octogenarian, and is flattering for all skin tones, from alabaster to dark cocoa, or whether you’re pink, yellow, green or orange based.

Another feature of bethatgirl, from the limited edition Neon Crush range, is that it glows under UV light…tumbleweed…

…and is free from formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate.  The nail polish is also vegan friendly, and Australis is an accredited Choose Cruelty Free brand.

Kind Beauty Points : I just told you.

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