I have a bit of a process when it comes to discovering new skincare brands.

When there is a particular product I want need want, I find it, then get lost in all the other products on offer from that brand, often settling on little travel size packs and samples.  This satisfies my curiosity and love of the new, as well as my desire to change things up each month.  This helps when you have a blog based on beauty product reviews and you need something to write about.  Just saying.

In the case of Balm Balm, my starting point was the Hibiscus Face Mask.  Hi! Biscus!  I have a soft spot for a tropical flower so they had me at the name.  So with that added to cart, I couldn’t help but check out what else Balm Balm had for me.

Now I’m no rocket scientist, but their name suggested to me, quite strongly in fact, that they had some sort of balm on offer.  Ding! Ding! Ding!  I was right.  Their hero product, if you will, is a multi purpose balm in a couple of scent options.  Rose Geranium?  Again with my favourite flowers.  Yes please.  Add to cart.  Scrolling further down I found the golden ticket – a Mini Facial Kit with the mask, cleanser, toner and rosehip serum.  So I swapped the full size mask for the kit, added a hand and foot balm and waited patiently for my goodies to arrive.  Once I came down from the cuteness high of the tiny little bottles and jars I had received, I got to work.

First, the Rose Geranium Face Balm.  One of my absolute simple pleasures in life is using the fresh face washers in hotel bathrooms.  I am always sure to pack an oil or balm cleanser so I can perform my little ritual while traveling, and yet I get lazy at home and default to a foaming cleanser that does not impart the same results for my skin or well being.  Enter my Mum, who has a knack, and obsession, for finding the softest towels and linens available – a stack of fresh white face washers later and we had some cleansing to do.




This balm smells amazing (there is a fragrance free one too if you don’t like smelly stuff).  A beautiful calming floral scent that is strong to begin with, but fades to a gentle aroma once applied.  The texture isn’t too oily and you don’t need much.  It gives you time for a facial massage before sinking comfortably into the skin, as opposed to mineral oils, which tend to just settle on top – or worse, clog pores!  After removing gently with a warm ‘Thanks Mum’ face washer, patting dry and sighing with delight, I touched my face and felt smooth, soft, comfortable skin.  This is the way skin should feel after cleansing, not rough, tight or dry.  So I decided to multi purpose the hell out of this balm and wore it to bed as a hydrating night treatment and eye cream.  Well, my face was so happy.  I had been feeling quite dehydrated, especially around the tops of my cheeks where dehydration lines tend to breed – gone!  The rest of my face felt plumped and glowing and husbo hadn’t complained about the smell when I smooched him goodnight.  No clogging. No breakouts. No greasiness.

I have since used this during the day, under makeup, and for a normal to dry skin this is a lovely option.  Oily or combination skins could still definitely use it as a cleanser, eye treatment, or moisture mask without feeling overloaded or oily – you just might find it too much to leave on.

Anyway, enough of the face balm for now.  On to the Mini Facial Kit…




Ok, so I started with the Hibiscus Face Mask, which you’re meant to mix up with water in a little bowl to make a paste.  “But I don’t wanna!”.   So I just mixed it in my hand, added too much water and smooshed it onto my face and chest.  I really just wanted to use it as an exfoliant, so I wasn’t too worried about the mess I’d made.  Left it on for a bit to dry and got my new best friend, Rose Geranium Face Balm, and massaged it all over the top.  This exfoliated the powder gently over my skin and added a hydrating benefit to the deep cleansing mask.  Removing gently with a warm face washer, I was careful not to be too scrubby and was pleased when it came off easily.  Really super smooth soft skin was left behind, with any little dry flaky bits completely buffed away.

I have also used this as a spot treatment for stubborn hormonal zits and it worked a treat by reducing sebum and preventing the need to squeeze.  Nice.

Next product.  Oh, the Super Light Coconut Cleanser.  Another beauty.  Lightweight, unfragranced pure coconut oil that just glides over the skin like silk and washes off with a face washer or muslin cloth (included in the kit).  This would be such a beautiful alternative to foaming cleansers for oily or combination skin, as it is not at all greasy and removes impurities and makeup like a dream.  I love an oil cleanser and, like balms, find them to be the most effective at removing makeup and dirt without stripping the skin.  My favourite word to describe how skin should feel after cleansing is ‘comfortable’, and this does exactly that.

If you want to quit foaming cleansers, this is a great first step, and you can follow up with the next product – the Original Witch Hazel Toner if you have oily or combination skin.

I wasn’t too sure about this when I first took a whiff.  A bit of a strong alcohol smell and made mostly of witch hazel, I thought it was going to strip the bejesus out of my new happy skin and leave me red raw.  But I had to try it.  I applied it to a dampened cotton pad (as directed) and wiped it ever so sheepishly over my skin.  The smell woke me all the way up, but it didn’t leave my skin tight and dry.  On the contrary, it remained it’s lovely self and I didn’t even feel the need to put moisturiser on afterwards.  Another win for Balm Balm.

Unfortunately, there  was one product that for me, did not win, and it was only due to the smell.  The texture and feel of the Little Miracle Rosehip Serum is truly beautiful.  Not at all greasy or heavy, just lightweight, nourishing goodness.  But the smell, oh the smell.  I can’t even describe it.  I think it’s the frankincense and maybe the rosehip.  I’ve never been too good with these two, and maybe the combination might have been too much for my sensitive olfactory region.  I couldn’t use it twice.  I wore it once and could smell my face all day and it was not roses to me.  If you can handle the smell though, you should try it, as it’s packed with healthy skin goodness and feels amazing.

Kind Beauty Points : Cruelty free, organic, natural, eco friendly.  See brand profile here.