I have been meaning to tell you about Bella Luccè for some time, but shiny things keep distracting me and hogging my attention.  I simply must focus now and share this beautiful natural cosmetics brand with you ASAP, because you will love me forever if I do. 

As with many of the natural brands I have discovered recently, Bella Luccè was born from ill health.  The founder, Lela Barker, created the range after her sister Mimi, had developed tumors in her breast tissue.  Lela began researching possible causes for her sister’s unexpected condition, and came across the role that parabens can play in women’s bodies – they can mimic estrogen, which can lead to the development of breast tumors.  She found the ingredient in nearly all the products in her bathroom and set off to the local health food store to source replacements.  They were all pretty uninspiring, so Lela created her own line of a few simple body items, which became so popular, that her little brand grew and grew and grew, and now offers an extensive array of face, body and hair treats inspired by beauty rituals from around the globe.

So, how did I find this treasure?  A little ingredient called DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol), that’s how.  For you see, I am a ‘melter’.  I was once told by a skin care expert, and possible over-simplifier, that we fit into one of two categories – ‘melters’ or ‘crinklers’.  Melters sag, crinklers wrinkle.  Melters usually have oily/combination skin, and crinklers tend to be drier.  I’m a melter – my skin has always been on the oilier side, and (so far), I don’t wrinkle, but I have noticed a loss of elasticity in my skin – a little sag, if you will.   I could hardly care less now, but back when I was in front of mirrors all day, I obsessed over it.  I bought the most expensive ‘lifting’ products available and was always looking for two key ingredients.

The first is Vitamin C Ester, a stable form of the vitamin which is both water and oil soluble – apparently this means it can penetrate deeper into the skin, where it works it’s magic by stimulating collagen production, thereby plumping up the skin and making it firmer.  I think you’re better off getting this amazing antioxidant through your diet rather than relying on a topical miracle, but it can’t hurt, so why not do both?  It also has a lovely brightening effect on the skin, which is nice.

Estrogen is essential for dermal collagen production and keeping our skin firm and plump.  As we move through the years, our estrogen levels drop, thereby decreasing our collagen stores, and facial bounciness.  Vitamin C is excellent to use both internally and externally, to help keep the sags at bay and strengthen our skin, not to mention the rest of our body.  (This is the part where you go and make something like this).

DMAE is the other droop fighting antioxidant I used to search for in my products, and the true believer in me still does.  Thought to work in the opposite way to Botox, DMAE, in very basic terms, makes your skin work out, rather than relax it, keeping everything active and firm.  It is the core ingredient in the amazing Perricone MD cosmeceutical line, which I used to love (with staff discount), but can no longer afford.  Searching for it in a more affordable and natural product was difficult.  It popped up here and there, but was so far down in the ingredient listing, that it wouldn’t make a lick of difference.  Until Bella Luccè’s Face Firming Serum came into my life.  It was like Lela had read my mind and combined all my dream ingredients into one incredibly luxurious potion, with DMAE coming in an impressive fourth on the list, followed by a plethora of face nourishing naturals that made my skin tingle with delight – all at a price tag that was totally accessible to me.

At the time I was looking for this, my skin was feeling dull, lifeless, and in desperate need of brightening.  I wanted gentle exfoliation, alpha hydroxy acids, and as much vitamin C as my face could handle, so on top of the Face Firming Serum, I found some other Bella Luccè products that satisfied my ingredient demands.  The Pomegranate Polishing Crème ticked the gentle exfoliation, vitamin C rich, and brightening boxes, while the Multifruit Regenerative Face Crème offered AHAs, antioxidants, and every citrus oil imaginable.  All three products came to just over $100 (from Green Organics), which was still so much less than one Perricone MD serum.

Enough about science and ingredients…get to the product review!

OK, the Face Firming Serum is a light fluid that you can actually feel activating your skin.  It absorbs quickly and imparts a noticeable improvement in tone and texture, while providing enough hydration to take the edge off tight, dry skin.  It has a subtle fragrance, and is perfect to wear under sunscreen or a tinted moisturiser if you can’t be bothered with an extra moisturising step.  You will still get all the nourishment your skin needs from this product alone.  If you do, however, need to up the hydration, moisture and antioxidants, get the Multifruit Regenerative Face Crème, not only on your face, but all the way down to your boobies.  It is so full of skin brightening goodness, that any sun damaged skin will thank you and sing your praises from the heavens.  The whipped cream textured facial moisturiser, smells like a Sherbie and a Fruit Chew had a baby…then being grossly unfit parents, sent it off to be made into cosmetics…oh.  Anyway, it smells fizzy and sherbet-y, and makes you smile like a – dare I say it – kid in a candy store!

Of course, you need to prep your skin properly to make the most of all this awesomeness.  Gentle exfoliation is essential if you want your serums and moisturisers to get to where they need to go, and give you lovely soft, smooth skin.  Bella Luccè have got you sorted here too, with the really, really, super beautiful Pomegranate Polishing Crème.  This is a product for everyone.  Incredibly fine microdermabrasion crystals, set again, in a whipped cream, teaming with brightening, vitamin C rich oils.  Ideal for the lazy girl, I like to apply it from my hairline, all the way down to just under my boobs – give them a little scrubby love why don’t you – before jumping in the shower.  Allowing the water to run down my back, I take slightly damp hands and ever so gently, massage the cream over my skin, as opposed to into it.  This way, I’m just polishing away the dead stuff and not upsetting the delicate new skin waiting to come through.  Wowzers!  What is left behind, is baby soft skin, prepped and ready to take in all the goodness from your serum and moisturiser.  I love it!

Bella Luccè offer so many gorgeous hand made products, I’m a bit stuck on what to try next.  I think some chocolate laced body products might be nice, or maybe a sesame cleansing oil, or pumpkin mask, or Hawaiian fruit peel, or cleansing bar made out of Moroccan lava, or a wine and honey mask, or Manuka honey drizzle, or a coffee scrub or…

Kind Beauty Points : Cruelty free, eco friendly, and, oh man, talk about giving back!

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