My head is all over the place at the moment, as we made a very impulsive decision last week to buy a house.  The day before signing the contract we had no intention of buying a property, but a little bargain became available in an area we like, so we snapped it up.  Not only are we going to be house owners, but renovators – two things we swore we’d never be.  Oh well.

So, I’ve had a crazy week of ups and downs, obsessing over the purchase, as well as home decor pics on Pinterest – hence the delayed post.  Sorry.  Anxious at the best of times, I’ve been a nervous wreck, waiting on approvals and inspection reports and wondering why we are even doing it.  My hives, psoriasis and eye bags are at extreme levels, and in between the itching, flaking and looking like Droopy Dog, I am biting the heckers out of my fingers.  Not fingernails.  No, I’m more complex than that.  My actual fingers.  The poor skin around my nails gets an absolute hiding, especially at times of stress and excitement, often to the point of bloodshed – I’m doing it right now.  Gross.

This is the last thing my stumpy little child sized nails need.  As you see from my description of them, they don’t have a great head start, so making it worse by destroying the skin that surrounds them is just down right nasty.  I’m bullying my own fingernails, and that’s not OK.  It’s an easy fix too.  I just have to break one habit and start another – stop biting, start moisturising.  I have a beautiful Hand Balm from Balm Balm, that I bought with the best of intentions to help soften the dry hard skin, so there’s nothing for my teeth to grab on to, but do you think I use it?  No, would be the answer to that, so I’m going to get it now, and put next to my fifth limb – my iPad.  I’ll let you know how that goes…

That’s not all though.  I don’t know what happens at the end of my fingers, but not long after I’ve given myself a manicure, my cuticles creep back up and dwarf my already very short nail beds.  It doesn’t help that I keep my nails cut short either.  It’s seriously like ‘My First Fingernails’, but at least they match my ‘Beginner Hands’ and ‘Junior Wrists’, so I don’t look freakish. Not that this brings me comfort when it’s time to glam up with my favourite accessory, the over sized novelty ring.  So what do I do?  Well, I used to push back what I thought were my cuticles (the hard bit at the base of the nail is actually called the eponychium – but you knew that), and cut them off with my special snippers.  They would look OK for a few days then the skin would start to peel back down my finger…and I would bite at it…sshh I know, gross.  Then I would try to buff away the actual cuticle, often referred to as just ‘dead skin cells’, usually without success, settling for a bumpy mani instead.

Until now people!

Meet my little friend, Melt Away, from Butter London.  It’s a cuticle remover – the actual cuticle, not the eponychithingy.  It’s really easy to use and does exactly what it promises.  I use it before painting my nails, although it suggests that you do it once a week to keep the pesky cuticles at bay (might have to put it near my iPad too).  Anyway, I just paint it around the nail edge and base,  leave it for 2 minutes…check Pinterest…then push back the epowhatsit, and the cuticle just magically lifts off, revealing a smooth and even nail.  You would still need to remove any ridges with a buffer, something that I, however, cannot be arsed doing.  What previously happened during my home manicures though, is that when I would push back the whatchamachium, it would lift up and I’d be forced to cut it off, resulting in the inevitable split/bit skin fiasco.  Well that doesn’t happen with the Melt Away.  Instead the skin stays attached and easily slides down to reveal a bit more of my nail, looking a lot neater and more polished.

Now, I don’t know if this is a miracle in the world of home manicures, because it’s only the second cuticle product I’ve ever used.  Mecca Cosmetica do a fabulous one called It’s A Pushover, which is more of a conditioning balm that softens the cuticle area, making it easier to remove.  I love the feel of this one, but it is a little more high maintenance and slow moving, compared to Butter’s fact acting option.  I’m sure there are plenty more products out there giving the same amazing results, but I also just really like this brand.  For one, it’s super cool, high fashion, and a little bit rock & roll.  Something I appreciate and find inspiring in a brand.  More importantly though, it is non toxic, free of formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, phthalates and parabens, all the while leaving our precious animals alone.  This is my first purchase from Butter London, and certainly not my last, as their colour offering is out of this world and the quality is of the highest in the industry.  I had better get onto that now though, before I’m elbow deep in renovations.  Mercy.

Kind Beauty Points : Cruelty free, non toxic.

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