I’m back, beauties!  In a brand new location.  We have just moved from our huge modern apartment, overlooking the Gold Coast coastline, into a tiny old cottage with a big yard for the little ones to run wild in.  It’s freezing cold and my poor skin is dry and chapped, but I have managed to bring joy to my face after a week of moving and suffering the westerly winds, with a new favourite lipstick – Lakshmi, by The Elixery.

I have been out, yes, out on the town on Saturday night with some of my beloveds, and although I got dressed in the dark, and left the house with no polish on my fingers or toes, I made all of that pale into insignificance with a hot pink lip and over the top neck adornment.  I love to sport a bright lip on a girls’ night out.  It’s fun and frivolous and I know it won’t get ruined by Husbo wanting a bit of PDA – he prefers the smokey eye/nude kissable lip look.  Boring!  Not really, but, you know.

Anyhoo, I came across this amazing ethical beauty brand through the wonders of social media.  The Elixery Cosmetic House started following me on Twitter and, having never heard of them, I decided to check out their offerings.  I was instantly drawn to the design and packaging, not to mention the presence of Roller Derby girls, then she hit me – Lakshmi – the goddess, in all her pinky purple glory, was calling to me from the screen (that’s how the deities work these days)  – “You know you want me, baby”.  “Yeah I do”.  She’s the colour I was trying to create in my Colour Explosion post, but in just one product and without the gloss – don’t get me wrong, I still love that combo, but this is just awesome.  The satin finish lipstick has a fuschia base with a violet iridescence shining through when the light hits it just right.  I wouldn’t call it all out sparkle, just a subtle hint of shimmer that adds a bit more interest and depth to the already amazing shade.

The satin finish is just beautiful.  Matte enough that it doesn’t budge, but creamy enough so your lips don’t dry out.  It offers the perfect balance to sit comfortably on your lips and lasts through countless glasses of champagne and a few courses at dinner.  Saturday wasn’t the first time I’d worn it.  I wore it to a wedding a few weeks ago, and managed just that – food, drinks, chatter, air kisses.  I didn’t really need to reapply at all, I just did it because I’m obsessed with Lakshmi and wanted the chance to play with her again.  A little top up on the inner lips was all that was required, if that.  If you didn’t want to take the lipstick with you and needed to touch up, you could just smack your lips together and rub them a bit to fill in any worn areas.  It really is just the perfect consistency for a long lasting lipstick.

Of course Lakshmi wasn’t my only purchase from The Elixery.  I had to make my shipping cost worthwhile, so I needed to buy something else, that’s just good economics.  On that note, The Elixery Cosmetic House is based in Minneapolis, USA, but ship internationally for a small fee, which is totally worth it because the lipsticks themselves aren’t expensive to begin with.  I got two high quality lippies delivered to Australia for less than $50.  I think that’s pretty good.  The other lipstick I bought was Ingenue, a sheer coral/peach.  She is a stunning beauty too.  With a nourishing, moisture rich, sheer finish, Ingenue creates a tint which is like a warmer version of my lip colour, only better.  I can get away with a quick swipe on my unmade face, just to give my mouth a little life and colour, or wear it with a smokey eye and bronzed skin for that subtle kissable pout.  It has a small amount of shimmer through it, which stops it from looking like a tinted lip balm, while adding a subtle light reflection to even out skin tone and give the illusion of fullness.  Not as long lasting as Lakshmi and her satin finish friends, but the same longevity I would expect from a sheer product.  She’s just lovely.

I would like to scream from the rooftops how much I love this brand.  The Elixery is a super cool, open minded, forward thinking company, with an old fashioned approach to production.  Their products are crafted lovingly by hand in a vintage laboratory using safe, ethical, vegan ingredients without a whiff of animal testing.  Certified by Leaping Bunny and PETA, The Elixery also use organic ingredients approved by Ecocert.  Could they be any kinder?  Um, yes.  They are banging kindness out of the park, baby!  With an uber cool collaboration with hip-hop star, Dessa of the Doomtree Collective, The Elixery have created a limited edition red lipstick to help raise funds and awareness for CARE‘s programme, Power Within, to educate and empower women and girls in developing countries.  Not only all of this, but the founder Karoline Wells, included a beautiful hand written thank you card and a generous selection of lovely little samples with my order.  I was so deeply touched by her thoughtfulness, and impressed by her dedication to keep the values of small enterprise alive, that I am choosing The Elixery as my go to for new lipsticks from now on.  If they don’t have a colour I want, then sure, I’ll go elsewhere, but the range is fantastic, so I’m sure they’ll keep me going for a while.  Next order, Love Potion and Karma.

Kind Beauty Points : Cruelty free, vegan, eco friendly, socially conscious.


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