Sorry, but (part of) this review is NSFV – not safe for vegans.  Why?  Because, lanolin, that’s why.  My lips love the stuff and who am I to deny them?  They are demanding fleshy divas who pretty much run the show, that is my face, so I give them a healthy dose of Latvian lanolin love from Madara.

That’s right, Latvian.  This absolutely gorgeous cosmetics brand is from Latvia and utilises plants from the Baltic wilderness, to create luxurious yet affordable natural and organic products for your face, hair and body.  Due to the flowering and growing seasons of these organically farmed plants being shorter, the bioactive potency is believed to be more intense.  Meaning, the extracts used can have more of an effect on living tissue, thereby making your skin healthier and well, more beautiful.  Go nature!

The lanolin used in their Protecting Lip Balm is Ecocert approved, which means that it comes from friendly farms concerned with animal well being, and is treated with environmentally safe detergents.  I am a huge fan of lanolin for my lips, as they can get very dry and chapped, and it seems to be the only thing to get them back to their usual soft skinned glory.  I used to use Dr Lipp Nipple Balm, which is made from Ecocert, medical grade lanolin.  It was so awesome for my lips and lasted forever, but I wanted to try something different, and at a third of the price, the Madara balm won.  They give pretty much the same result, but I prefer the smell and texture of the Madara balm, plus the packaging is really stylish.  On the lips it feels thicker than a regular balm, but light enough that you could easily apply lipstick over the top without it sliding all around your mouth.  The finish isn’t glossy or matte, but somewhere perfectly in between, so you could give someone a well hydrated smooch without them looking like they’ve just eaten a bucket of KFC.  I usually alternate between the Madara Protecting Lip Balm for night and chappy days, and the Sukin Nourishing Lip Treatment (suitable for vegans), as an everyday balm.  Both offer a beautifully hydrating and softening result that leaves the lips feeling comfortable and relieved.

Having been so impressed with my first Madara purchase, I decided to give another one of their products a go, and included the Sun Flower Golden Beige Tinting Fluid in my next I Am Natural Store order.  Before I tell you about it, I have to give I Am Natural Store some love.  This is my favourite place to shop for organic cosmetics online.    If you’ve shopped on other natural cosmetic websites, you will see a huge difference with this one.  The site is visually clean and luxurious compared to others, that although offer amazing brands and products, do so without too much concern for presentation and style.  I Am Natural Store, however, makes it an absolute visual pleasure to browse and add to your cart, with their amazing brands given the luxe treatment they deserve.  The service is fantastic and the owner, Rossana Sotos, is living proof that natural and organic is the ultimate way to health and beauty.  Kisses.

Anyway, back to the review…

I have been searching for a product like the Madara Tinting Fluid for a while now.  Ever since I decided to stop putting chemicals and unnecessary ingredients on my face, I have struggled to find a liquid bronzing product that is natural, skin loving and not sparkly.  I have been using a hideously expensive product (that I got for free), and thought I would be nothing without it, but then I found this divine new product and it completed me.  My life could go on.  ‘Fluid’ is the best way to describe the texture and consistency of this antioxidant enriched skin perfecter.  Lighter than most tinted moisturisers, it offers little coverage, instead it leaves the skin with a subtle tan that still allows your natural tone to show through, eliminating telltale lines or a masked look.  Breathable, skin softening and hydrating, the tint is loaded with amazing organic and natural ingredients, making it a wonderful addition to your healthy skin care regime.  Rose hip, jojoba and sunflower oils provide nourishment, while calendula and camomile calm irritated and sensitive skin.  It also smells incredible, like plants.  It reminds me of Eau de Lierre, the green ivy scent by Diptyque – super fresh and botanical.  I can’t get enough of it.

You can wear this anytime.  I wear it when I’m pale to add a bit of colour, or when I’m tanned to match my skin tone.  It works beautifully as a primer under makeup for giving a hint of bronze or mixed with foundation to create a glowing sun kissed  effect.  I have even buffed it over the top of my makeup, as an alternative to a powder bronzer,  when it has looked too pale.  It also comes in a lighter shade – Moon Flower Rose Beige – if you still want the skin care, primer and glowing benefits, without the bronze.

So, anyway, I’m a big fan of Madara and I can’t wait to try and share more from these gorgeous Europeans. Latvia is more to me now than just a fabulous Eurovision contestant.

Kind Beauty Points : Cruelty free, eco friendly, organic, natural, Ecocert approved.

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