Ok, so I don’t work.  Well not for money anyway.

I’m a stay at home mum with twin toddlers, and that’s enough for me to cram into a day.  When I did work though, I was surrounded by awesome women with amazing style and creativity.  Both my peers and my customers were walking style crushes and one day I got crushed, bad.

Matte nails!  They looked like black rubber and they were the coolest things I had ever seen.  “What? Who? Where? What! is that on your nails?”.  “I got it New York”.  Of course you did, grrrr… “It was limited edition”.  Of course it was, damn it!  My life was over.  I couldn’t have the rubber nails, and I sooo wanted the rubber nails.

Googley goo…matte nails.  Found!  Not the black, but a very dark plum.  It was mine.  I was going to have the rubber nails.  Well, it looked pretty good, not great though and because wearing a top coat defeats the whole ‘matte’ purpose, it chipped like a son of a…anyway, worn once.  Forgotten.  Until now…

Meet my new friend from Priti NYC, Priti Loves Matte.  A matte top coat!  Genius. Turns any nail colour into a matte polish with one little brush stroke.  You can apply straight over the nail colour or put a top coat between for extra staying power.  No chipping.  No streaky finish.  Just rubber looking matte nails.




If you were into it too, it would be an excellent addition to any nail art lover’s collection.  Matte nails with shiny French tips in the same colour.  I’d wear that. My hot tip: apply sparingly.  You don’t need a thick coat for it to work beautifully.

Kind Beauty Points : Cruelty free, vegan, eco friendly, socially conscious, non toxic.  See brand profile here.

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