A few months ago, my skin went mental.  I’ve told you all about my battle with acne, but I also break out in hives at times of high stress…or maybe it’s cheese, or the stress of not having enough cheese…

Fortunately I know how to deal with those conditions, but something was happening to my skin that was a mystery to me.  It was like a mix between the two.  Itchy red bumps were popping up all over my face like hives, but hanging around like unsqueezable pimples.  I was trying all my usual tricks but nothing was working.  Oils, balms, exfoliating masks, and even ointments and antihistamines had no effect.  So, deciding to treat my skin as ‘sensitive’, I thought back to my days as a skin specialist at Mecca Cosmetica.  How would I advise me? “Stop everything and use these – Ren Cleansing Milk and Day Cream for sensitive skin”.  Unfortunately I didn’t have time to go to Mecca or shop online, as I needed something right then and there, so I went to my favourite place to loiter, Priceline, where they forgive you for having loud toddlers in tow.

My eyes were really tired and puffy too, and as I passed the Puretopia range, I remembered Sharon The Makeup Artist (my favourite You Tuber), had reviewed and loved their Eye Rescue Massaging Roller.  I was having a ‘right place, right time’ moment, as it was hard to see the products for all the bright pink ‘40% OFF’ signs.  What?!  Yesss!!  Already a very affordable brand, Puretopia was now a ridiculous price, so I got nearly everything.  Eye cream, cream cleanser, moisturiser for sensitive skin, hydrating mask and toner.  These were going to be my skin’s saving grace, I just knew it.

So that night when I got some time to myself, I uncrossed my fingers so I could massage the Whisk Away Face Cleanser into my sore, red, bumpy face.  I had never used a cream cleanser before, as I had never trusted them to do a thorough job, but I knew that at this moment I needed to be so super gentle with my face, it was worth giving it a creamy good try.  The beautiful aroma was the first thing to grab me and the heavenly cream felt soothing and nourishing on my poor irritated skin.  After massaging it gently over my face, neck and chest, I just rinsed it off in the shower, and to my surprise I actually felt properly cleansed.   I gave my skin a spritz of the Facial Mist & Toner rather than following my natural instincts of dowsing a cotton pad with it and trying to remove a few layers of my epidermis through vigorous wiping.  It too felt soothing and calming and gave my skin a boost of hydration.  To finish off my basic routine, I applied a generous amount of the Protective Moisturiser to my increasingly grateful face.  The texture wasn’t what I would normally be happy with in a facial moisturiser, but in this instance, it was there to perform a more important role, not just to feel luxurious on my skin.   And perform it did, they all did.  My skin felt instantly soothed and the following morning I had started to see an improvement in texture and tone.  The redness was definitely dying down and I felt less bumpy and itchy.

I continued to spritz the toner over my face during the day, especially when I was feeling dehydrated, and when I felt like my skin could handle something else, I introduced the Skin Radiance Gel Mask.  I love a hydrating mask more than anything in winter – well, skin care wise anyway, because, hello…hot Irish whiskeys – I’m writing this as there is a new bottle of Jameson Gold Reserve, courtesy of Husbo’s latest trip to the duty free store…I love it when he goes away…staring at me from the kitchen bench next to a jumbo box of Ferrero Rocher.  I would be a total lush right now if I didn’t have two kids waking up any second.  Anyway, where was I?  Oh yeah, the gel mask.  Nice.  You can feel it activating slightly, but not too much that it aggravates sensitive skin, rather it offers a lovely cooling and calming effect.   Five minutes is all you need to feel the gentle benefits of this simple beauty step, but you can certainly keep it on for as long as your face can handle it.

So that is how I treated my sensitive and irritated skin with Puretopia.  I continued with that routine until I ran out of the moisturiser, but have kept the cleanser and toner as part of my current daily ritual, and often use a toner soaked cotton pad as a cleansing option – gently of course.  The mask is also a staple and the final step in my exfoliate-deep cleanse-hydrate home facial treatment.  The product that initially sparked my interest in the brand, the eye cream, is also a lovely addition, and although I use other eye creams to provide deep nourishment and hydration, the Puretopia Massaging Roller is a great option for cooling, soothing and refreshing tired and puffy eyes.  A bit late to the whole roller ball party, I can see why this type of application is so popular.  I imagine it’s giving you a bit of lymphatic drainage by massaging around the eye socket, but I’m no expert on that subject, so I won’t speculate too much.  I do know, however, that the cool metal is most welcome on my heavy eye bags, whether it’s draining my lymphatic system or not.

Puretopia is a brand, that not unlike our good friend Sukin, is leading the way in affordable, natural skincare that is more than just a bit of aloe vera and lavender.  The active natural ingredients actually make a difference, and considering the results they produced for my seemingly helpless skin, I definitely recommend them.

Kind Beauty Points : Cruelty free, natural.

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