As much as I dislike the word ‘aging’ or any derivative of ‘age’ when it comes to beauty, I’m not going to be a dick about it and forgo trying amazing products, just because the name of them shits me a bit.  Not everyone in the cosmetics consuming world has an issue with it, in fact I’m sure that it’s a draw card for most.  Even me, I have to admit, because more often than not, a brand’s anti aging range, is usually its most potent, and full of all the best ingredients.  The Sukin Purely Ageless products are a perfect example of this.

I know we all love a bit of Sukin, with its affordable, yet high quality offering of natural, organic and carbon neutral products, that cover everything from the top of our head to the tip of our big toe…or second toe, if yours happens to be longer…Anyway, I picked up the three ‘Ageless’ (like vampires?) products from their selection and have been using them over the cold, dry months of winter.  I have already told you about the love of my life, the Botanical Hydration Booster, in my Sukin essentials review, and I still stand by my outpouring of admiration for this champion of facial oils.  I can’t get enough of it, as it completely relieves my skin of dehydration, tightness and dryness, all the while lifting my spirits with its beautiful aromatic fragrance.  It’s ‘day spa smell’ in a bottle.  All skin types would benefit from and thoroughly enjoy this comforting oil.

I have been using it at night and on very windy, dry days.  It would be perfectly fine on its own, but because it’s me, and I love face stuff and feeding my skin whatever it desires, then I put the Replenishing Night Cream over the top.  Full of lovely nourishing oils and butters, this is a beautiful face cream that anyone could use during winter or summer, as it isn’t thick or heavy.  Used alone, it doesn’t quite give me the level of hydration that the Hydration Booster does…duh, but together they leave my skin feeling satisfied, comfortable and softened.  Nice and plump and bouncy to the touch – what a cuddly sentence.  The scent is subtle and fresh, and compliments, rather than overpowers, the glorious aroma of the face oil.

Hot Tip : Don’t be put off by words on a label.  If a product works for you in a different way than is intended, go forth and rebel!  Enjoy your beauty any way you like!

I’m such a beauty rebel, for I use this night cream…wait for it…during the day!  Gasp all you want, because I refuse to conform to suggested hours of usage.  That’s just who I am man, and I ain’t gonna change for nobody!  (That grammatical nightmare of a sentence was really difficult for me to write).  Rebel, yeah.  But seriously, labels don’t mean dick if a product works for you in another way.  The Replenishing Night Cream has been a perfect day time moisturiser for me, as the mornings have been so cold and the days dry and windy.  It’s been just what I need to take the edge off my tight, parched, winter skin.  The jar is super huge, and if you are applying it over the top of a serum or oil, you don’t need to use too much.  It has outlasted the other two Ageless products by a long way.  A great little investment.

While using it as a day moisturiser, I have layered it over the top of the Intensive Firming Serum.  You all know from my review of Bella Lucce, how much I love a product that firms, or at least claims to.  Not that I can tell at all, except for maybe the way my skin feels to touch…nice and plump and bouncy.  The Sukin serum is very much like the Bella Lucce Face Firming Serum, in its fluid-like texture, and comforting effect on the skin.  It doesn’t feel as active though, so I would say that those with more sensitive skin would find the Sukin Firming Serum a little gentler and more calming.  It sinks into the skin straight away, leaving it soft and slightly hydrated.  I recommend you use a moisturiser over the top, regardless of your skin type.  You could go crazy and use all three Ageless products at once, starting with the serum, to absorb and work deeper, then apply the Hydration Booster, to do exactly that, then finish with a little of the Night Cream for an extra dollop of moisture and comfort for ravaged winter skin.  What an amazing treat that would be.

If you have tried, and loved the regular Sukin range, I strongly recommend you invest the tiny bit extra and give the Ageless products a go.  You won’t have to eat baked beans for the week to afford these little luxuries, and your skin will repay you with radiant rewards.

Kind Beauty Points : ‘Skincare that doesn’t cost the Earth’ – Cruelty free, eco friendly, carbon neutral, vegan and natural.

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