This is a very special review for me, as it is a first for loveface.  A few weeks ago, a beautiful box of exquisite hair treats arrived on my doorstep – a gift from the other side of the world.  Tabitha James Kraan had sent me her freshly released line of organic hair care products and I was going to be the first person in Australia to try them.  Dogs ran riot all over the neighbourhood, as I squealed with extreme delight. 

…and then I tried them…sorry doggies.

This is luxury organic hair care at it’s absolute finest.  From the packaging and design, to the natural and organic, highest of high quality ingredients, to the exquisite aroma and super effectiveness, these three beauties are among the best hair products I have ever used.  The best of their type, that’s for sure – the best oil, the best dry shampoo, and admittedly it’s my first time using a hair perfume, so by comparison, yes, it is also the best.  My hair is really important to me, even though I neglect it sometimes.  When I do take the time, however, I like to use stuff that requires minimal skill and effort, but does an incredible job.

I jumped on board the argan oil train a few years back and have tried several hair oils containing the amazing restorative ingredient, all with varying results, but none really rocking my world.  I think it is fair to say that Tabitha’s Scented Hair Oil shits all over every single one of them, and you can consider my world well and truly rocked.  One pump of this dreamy elixir, combed through the ends of my towel dried hair, is all I need to completely control frizz and add beautiful shine and softness.  I find the best results are achieved when I blow dry my hair, rather than letting it dry naturally, as it takes away any oiliness, leaving only silky smooth hair to deal with…how terrible.  I have let it dry naturally, and with my porous, colour damaged hair, it’s not too bad, but I think finer or more healthy hair may be left feeling a little too greasy.  This is where control needs to be taken too.  Don’t be heavy handed.  I have long, thick, bleached hair and one pump is more than enough, so if you have shorter or finer hair, just squeeze out half a pump or less.  You really don’t need much at all.

As with all of the Tabitha James Kraan products, the smell of the Scented Hair Oil, makes me so happy.  Rose absolute and geranium, people!  Two of my all time favourite essential oils, are combined with refreshing citrus and hard working, organic argan oil, sea buckthorn, safflower, rosehip and goji berry.  It’s a potent blend of incredibly effective ingredients that can transform frazzled, wiry hair into silky strands that radiate health and glossy goodness.  My new, absolute must for straight, smooth hair styling.

Another new must have for me, is the Dry Shampoo for Fair Hair.  I know that we all think we’ve found our perfect dry shampoo, but we haven’t.  We are all living a lie, unless of course you’ve tried Tabitha’s, in which case, my mistake, go about your business.  Seriously, before dry shampoos hit the shelves, I used to dust baby powder on my oily roots, because man, they can get mega greased up.  Oily roots, dry ends, that’s me.  Again, I’ve tried them all – powders, aerosols, root lifters, texturisers, coloured ones and just plain old white ones.  There are so many different types, satisfying different needs.  My two biggest requirements from a dry shampoo, are mattifying oiliness and blending my greys root colour to the rest of my hair.  Tabitha’s finely milled, sand coloured (not white) dusting powder, satisfies those needs brilliantly, all the while bringing the greatest of pleasures to my olfactory senses, in the form of rose geranium and rose otto essential oils.  I CAN’T STOP SMELLING IT!  I nearly passed out from inhaling too hard.  This is my favourite smell ever.  I seriously contemplated never washing my hair again, so I have an excuse to use this multiple times a day.  It’s like crack, if I was into crack, but I’m not, so it’s just me obsessing over a pretty smell, that isn’t crack.  (I don’t even know what crack is).  Anyway, let’s just say I am loving this in an extreme and addictive way.

Moving on from the scent for a moment, the product itself is amazing.  As with the hair oil, a little bit goes a long long way.  My hot tip with this, is to either shake it out onto your hands first, or only open the shaker half way, before sprinkling onto your roots.  Then, take a fine tooth comb or brush to distribute the product through your hair.  The powder is soft and silky, as opposed to sticky and heavy like some of the aerosol dry shampoos.  Your hair actually feels freshly washed, not just superficially mattified.  The colour element is different to other dry shampoos too.  It doesn’t so much just cover, as blend your roots to the rest of your hair, making it far more natural looking and not feeling like you’ve just applied house paint to your head.  My ashy, grey speckled roots were cooled and softened to blend with my creamy blonde highlights, without any tell tale signs of me trying to hide something.  There is also a version available for darker hair.  Oh, and did I mention the smell?

Speaking of which, let’s talk about hair perfumes.  I used to think these were only reserved for smokers and generally stinky people, but there’s something very glamorous and refreshing about spritzing your hair with a cooling blend of essential oils in a fragrant mist.  The Hair Perfume by Tabitha James Kraan, took me on an olfactory time machine ride.  The bergamot in the fragrance really hit me and reminded me of a tiny little bottle of 4711 Eau de Cologne that my Grandmother gave me as a child.  I have experienced the same scent one other time, when The Body Shop did a bergamot perfume spray.  It is a very powerful, memory inducing aroma for me, and I find it both uplifting and comforting.  For this reason, I go a little crazy with it, and spray it everywhere, not just my hair.  If you didn’t already know this, spraying normal perfume in your hair can damage it due to the alcohol content, so a specialised hair perfume full of caring organic oils is a much better option.  A lovely addition to your hand bag essentials, the 100ml spray bottle also makes an ideal companion for travel.  Fressshhh.

If you are in the UK, the products are available from the Tabitha James Kraan Organic Hairdressing Salon, in Stow-on-the-Wold (love that).  For everybody else, you can buy online.  I’m hoping that an Australian luxury organic online beauty site (I’m looking at you I Am Natural Store), will pick up this incredible brand to make delivery times quicker for us Down Under.  I consider myself very lucky to have been introduced to Tabitha’s wonderful treats, and she now has a new customer.  I am more than happy for her to keep creating innovative and amazing hair products (and letting me try them), because she really is offering something very special and unique.   I hope you all get to experience them one day.

Kind Beauty Points : Cruelty free, eco friendly, 100% natural and over 90% certified organic.

I was lucky enough to receive these products as a gift, but all opinions are my own.  Loveface has an ‘if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all’ policy, so if I don’t love it, you won’t see it here.