zuii lores


During my pregnancy, I tried to change all of my skin care over to natural, preferably organic, products.  Beautiful and effective skin care is pretty easy to find in the world of naturals, so it wasn’t too hard.  In fact this blog came about because there is so much great stuff out there, giving even better results than their synthetic counterparts.

One day I stopped and thought, ‘Why am I covering my lovely organic enriched skin with makeup that doesn’t love me the way I love it?’.  It seemed like a stupid thing to do, especially with products I wanted to use most days – I forgive my night out makeup, because it only gets to play once in a while, and it was so expensive that I just can’t part with it yet.  So I wanted to find a light coverage liquid foundation that was going to be as good for my skin as my serum was – no silicone, no fillers, no crap.  Zuii sounded pretty good to me.  I recognised every ingredient listed and they all sounded divine – wear flowers on my face?  OK.  I think they were going to give me that reciprocal love I was searching for.  I was right.

I had my makeup done with the Zuii range and I was quite surprised by the result.  The artist had applied the Flora Liquid Foundation in ‘Natural Fair’ with a sponge, which she said evened out the skin tone, but didn’t offer coverage – apparently that comes from the powder.  OK, sure.  Then she put the Flora Powder Foundation in ‘Almond’ over the top, again with a sponge, which is where the coverage and colour comes in, apparently.  Right, just give me the mirror.  Wow.  Although it was way more coverage than I was used to, the result was flawless and the colour was spot on.  Maybe she was right about using both products.  Maybe I did need to buy both.  I bought both.  I have both.  I don’t, however, wear them both together.  That bit I got carried away with.

The Flora Liquid Foundation is my favourite of the two.  The colour when I pump it out onto my hand, looks really pink and chalky, but when I buff it onto my face with an Hourglass Retractable Foundation Brush, it alters to match my skin tone perfectly.  Like magic.  If you are choosing a colour online, just go with the swatch that looks like your skin tone and you’ll be fine.  The product might arrive looking slightly different, but when it’s on, it should be sweet.  As for the coverage, it is light to medium.  You can still see your skin through it, which is what I prefer, and what I think the makeup artist (with her own face heavily covered), meant by the powder doing all the work.  If you want a full coverage foundation, then yes, that is the case and you will need both products.

I use the Liquid Foundation as my everyday, having a shop, going out for lunch, I can be bothered makeup.  For these activities it wears pretty well.  I usually dust a little setting powder through the centre of my face to prevent shine and to make it last longer.  Even better.  The finish is neither matte, nor dewy, just skin like, and you can’t feel it on your face.  It’s unbelievably light and not only does it allow your skin to breathe, but nourishes it with it’s gorgeous blend of organic ingredients.  You don’t have to hesitate to wear this everyday, and you could probably wear it to bed if you wanted.

As for the Flora Powder Foundation, well it is basically like a pressed mineral powder, just with better ingredients.  I was an early advocate of mineral powder.  Back in my late 20s it worked really well for me.  I had just the right amount of natural oil in my skin so it didn’t look dry, and I drank just the right amount of alcohol that I didn’t really care what was happening on my face…that sounds wrong, oh well, it probably was.  These days I prefer the finish of a liquid foundation set with the finest milled setting powder, so that my skin looks like my skin, and not like makeup.  Mineral powders, or similar, tend to sit on top of my skin and look obvious, often highlighting pores and fine lines.  The Zuii Powder Foundation isn’t that bad, but I tend to only wear it when I feel like making an ‘at home’ effort.  If mineral powders work for you though, this is definitely worth trying.  The pressed formulation is a lot less messy than those loose powders – my sink used to be perpetually muddy – and the colour range is excellent.

Kind Beauty Points : Cruelty Free, organic, natural, eco friendly, vegan.  See brand profile here.